Noted “Nazi” Alt-Righter Richard Spencer Endorses Joe Biden, Media Silent

Remember in 2016 the media asking Trump a thousand million times if he “disavowed” Spencer, even though he never once “avowed” him in the first place?

“Liberals are clearly more competent people.” At what, exactly? Running cities into the ground? Presiding over third-world-esque conditions and crime rates? Having the highest coronavirus death rates in the country, ie. NY and NJ? Liberals run California. They literally destroy everything they touch.

But whatever. Spencer’s opinion is irrelevant. The guy is probably a Fed anyway. He would be a complete nobody if it weren’t for the media constantly giving him attention in order to overhype the threat of 😱WHITE SUPREMACISM 😱.

The point here is that no matter how many times Trump disavowed Spencer in 2016, the media still associated Trump with him anyway. Because if Spencer supports him, and Spencer is a white nationalist, that must mean Trump is a white nationalist since he’s supported by a white nationalist.

I’m sure the media will be consistent and apply that logic to Biden now that Spencer has endorsed him. Right?

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