Segregation is Back!

Is this progress?

Wasn’t that the whole point of the Brown v. Board of Education (1954) Supreme Court ruling? That “separate but equal” is unconstitutional and wrong?

I’m sure the black dorms end up being nicer and newer than the white dorms–or, I guess, the non-black dorms? Because reparations and racial justice and stuff. Black people need to preferential treatment in order to make up for white privilege, I guess.

We are really living in bizarro-world now. Are kids not taught about Martin Luther King anymore? Growing up, MLK and his “I have a dream…” colorblind mantra was considered the universal American ideal for race relations.

But now it seems like all that is out the window. Now it seems like the mantra is black separatism and zero-sum racial conflict (ie. Black people win, white people lose).

For almost 50 years, Martin Luther King’s vision of nonviolent protests and racial equality in this country appeared to have won out. But now it seems like Malcolm X’s ideals of violent confrontation and black revenge have replaced them.

At some point in the past 5-10 years, our ruling class changed from being responsible and promoting racial harmony, to cynical and exploitative in their efforts to divide the country based on race.

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  1. jonolan says:

    On the other hand, keeping the Blacks together will make it safer for normal students. By not living directly with Blacks, the normal students are at less risk for assault, rape, and murder at their hands.

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