Courage vs. Conformity

Though they spend every waking moment crusading against make-believe “Nazis,” I have no doubt in my mind that every last one of these “progressive” activists and “anti-racists” would have been hardcore Nazis if they were alive in 1930s Germany:

Yeah, it takes a lot of courage to shout “Black Lives Matter!” at a defenseless diner. You only have the full public support of every major corporation, the media, Hollywood, Academia and the violent mobs rampaging around the country.

No doubt these privileged, bored, secular upper-middle class white kids think they’re heroic rebels waging holy war against a wicked establishment.

Look how tough they are, dozens of them bullying one poor lady who just wanted to have a nice dinner on a warm summer night. 30 against 1. This is the “Love Trumps Hate!” crowd–so full of hatred they’re bursting at the seams.

If you ever want to know if you’re the Dominant Culture or the Counter Culture, just ask yourself, “What do I risk by holding these views?” If the answer is “nothing,” then you are part of the Dominant Culture. I don’t care if you’re LARPing as a revolutionary or a rebel in the streets, throwing bricks through windows and setting cars on fire. That actually makes you an even bigger stooge because you’ve been tricked by the Cultural Elites into thinking you’re a rebel, when in reality you’re one of their minions.

These spoiled brats are footsoldiers, pawns of the Power Establishment they think they’re rebelling against, and they don’t even realize it.

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