Pelosi Has Meltdown, Calls Trump & GOP “Enemies of the State” in Desperate Attempt to Delegitimize Election

Always remember: whatever the Democrats accuse our side of, they themselves are guilty of. Every single time.

The Democrats are gonna bring back Civility and Decency, you guys.

She’s preparing to reject the results of the election. The Dems are getting their excuse ready for when they lose: “It was because Trump sabotaged the postal service!”

They’re coming to the realization that all their desperate measures have failed and Biden is going to lose. So they’re going to try and take the whole country down with him by refusing to concede. Because Democrats are straight-up gangsters with zero morals or principles at all and will burn everything to the ground if it helps them claw back to power.

However, on the flip side, Nancy Pelosi is a joke. Ridicule and mockery are our greatest weapons against these people:

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  1. Dammit!!! If the mainstream news was more like this it will work better that prozac

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