17-year-old in Kenosha Shoots Two Rioters in Self-Defense, Gets Charged With First Degree Murder

Here is the video that is making rounds on the Internet. It shows someone now identified as 17yr old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois being thrown to the ground by “peaceful protesters” during last night’s Kenosha Riots, and then firing back in self-defense:

He has been charged with first degree intentional homicide–in other words, murder. Because you’re supposed to just let the mob beat you to death.

The first guy he shot he hit in the chest, the second guy he hit in the upper arm. The first guy is dead, the second guy I believe survived.

To me, the video is pretty clear. This kid was being chased, gets thrown to the ground, and then the peaceful protesters peacefully attack him and try to take his gun from him. So he shoots at them in self-defense.

What did the peaceful protesters think would happen after they attacked a guy with a gun? They think this is all fun and games or something. It’s not. This is what happens when you mess with the wrong people. This is what should happen. The mob should not have carte blanche to terrorize and destroy as they please. The mob should have to think twice before attacking people and torching businesses. 

Granted, this kid probably should not have been there in Kenosha. He was originally from Antioch, Illinois, which is not too far across the border. It seems like he was looking for trouble. 

But first degree murder is a load of crap. That’ll never stick. How can they prove this was premeditated?

This is a video taken by a journalist (a real journalist) on the ground asking the kid what he’s doing in Kenosha. He says “our job” indicating he’s been asked to come up to Kenosha, perhaps as private security:

So I’m not sure exactly what the situation was. Maybe he was Militia LARPing, maybe he was asked to be there. I’ll try to do some more research throughout the day and figure that part out exactly.

The media is already slandering this kid as a “white supremacist” in order to isolate him and prevent him from becoming a hero or a sympathetic figure. The media does not want people to see this as a rallying cry, or be inspired by him to fight back.

The media wants you cowering in fear and powerless. They do not want you to fight back. They want you to be isolated and atomized, and therefore easily conquered by the mobs.

Below are some graphic photos from the scene which, in my view, show unequivocally that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. Some blood and gore in one of the photos so be advised.

The first one shows Rittenhouse on the ground and a rioter jump-kicking him:

This photo shows him being beaten over the head with a skateboard:

This next one shows the second guy who attacked him was armed, holding a pistol in his hand:

This final image is the gory one, but it shows this guy with the pistol’s arm after he’d been shot. He’s still holding the pistol:

I think it’s an open and shut case. Based on the video, based on these photos, Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. His attackers got what was coming to them.

The first-degree murder charge was expected. Corrupt Democratic prosecutors (probably owned by Soros) are actively against law and order and consistently side with the mobs. People are on their own here.

The media is going to try to demonize this kid as a “white supremacist.” There’s zero evidence of that at all. They want good people to be afraid to voice their support of him.

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  1. Max says:

    He is a hero. One of the few patriots.

    I look around this country and see law abiding and hard working people living in fear as the politicians and police roll out the red carpet to arsonists, thugs, anarchists, intimidators and other communists.
    The silent majority is living in fear because the rights of the communists are a priotiy.
    This anarchy could all be stopped in 2 days if law and order was allowed.

    Jail is too good for these politician. The govenor of Wisconsin as well as his communist friends need to be hung with a noose asap. The people of America need to rise up or else they will burn this goddamn country to the ground.

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