Another Media Lie: Jacob Blake Was NOT “Breaking Up a Fight.” The police Were Called Because of Blake.

This article from Madison365 attempts to bury the important development under the headline “Kenosha police opened fire less than 5 minutes after being called: scanner audio.

As if that proves anything at all. What does it matter how long it took for them to open fire? They were reacting.

No, the real news in this story is this:

“According to the audio obtained by Madison365, someone called police to report that Blake was at her home and wasn’t supposed to be, and that he had taken her keys and was refusing to give them back. A dispatcher relayed this message to patrol officers at about 5:11 pm Sunday.

About 30 seconds later, she let patrol officers know that there was “an alert at this address for a 99 for this subject,” apparently to indicate that a warrant had been issued for Blake’s arrest. Court records indicate a warrant was issued on three charges — two misdemeanors and one G-class felony — on July 7. Court records indicate no previous criminal charges in the state of Wisconsin.”

So Blake WAS NOT just an innocent bystander just trying to break up a fight between two women.


  1. Ron says:

    still should not have been shot 7 times

    1. Broom Peg Racist Incels says:

      Period!!! Hunters don’t shoot deer that many times and their intent IS to kill. Cops are supposed to maintain order. It is NOT ever their job to take matters into their own hands. They’ve proven time and time again that they can apprehend suspects without killing or maiming them so that they choose to not do so, it’s obvious what their intention was. #BlueLivesDon’tMatter #FTP

  2. Anthony Hanson says:

    You are saying this as a matter of fact, but it’s just a lie. Who’s your source for this BS. Simply not true. All information needs reliability and validity, and this has neither.

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      There is a link with audio of the police call. I always cite my sources.

      1. Valerie Calarzen says:

        Bullshit! Where is your source for this “article”? Why can’t you simply post it? In the absence of doing so, this page is nothing more than yet another biased trope that’s got the journalistic quality and integrity of The Enquirer.

      2. Hohenzollern says:

        It’s literally the link in the article

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