The Facts on the Jacob Blake Shooting Have Come Out

The Attorney General of Wisconsin just gave a press conference laying out the facts of the Jacob Blake shooting. The whole article can be found here.

Here are the most important revelations:

According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, police were called to the 2800 block of 40th Street Sunday after a woman said her boyfriend “was present and was not supposed to be on the premises.”

Officers arrived at the scene and attempted to arrest 29-year-old Blake, at one point using a Taser in an attempt to stop him, but that attempt was unsuccessful, the DOJ said.

“Mr. Blake walked around his vehicle, opened the driver’s side door, and leaned forward,” a press release from the department read. “While holding onto Mr. Blake’s shirt, Officer Rusten Sheskey fired his service weapon 7 times. Officer Sheskey fired the weapon into Mr. Blake’s back. No other officer fired their weapon.”

Authorities noted that the Kenosha Police Department does not have body cameras, “therefore the officers were not wearing body cameras.”

According to the release, Blake admitted to investigators that he did have a knife at the time and a knife was recovered from the driver’s side floorboard of his vehicle. No other weapons were found, the report said.

So, as we went over yesterday: the police were called because of Blake.

On top of this, the police tried to tase him, but somehow they were “unsuccessful.” I don’t know if this means they missed him, or if he just didn’t go down, or what.

This was a big sticking point in the story: a lot of people were saying the police were too hasty in shooting him, they should have tased him first. Well, apparently they tried and it didn’t work, for some reason.

Blake had a knife in the vehicle, and it was found on the driver’s side floorboard. This makes sense because he walked around his car to the driver’s side and “leaned forward,” presumably to grab the knife. Which is why the officer shot him. Because he was reaching for a knife.

“But it was only a knife! The officers had guns!”

Yes, the white officers should have just allowed themselves to be stabbed.

I can’t believe we live in such a racist, oppressive country where a black man isn’t allowed to stab police officers who are trying to arrest him.

None of this matters to the rioters and arsonists, though. None of this matters to the NBA players boycotting their own games. They want to be angry. They want to feel like heroes and underdogs protesting an unjust system. That’s mostly what this is about: people in a secular society seeking fulfillment through the religion of “social justice.”

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