Biden’s Twitter Account: Vote for Me Or Else There Will be More violence!

Whoever runs his Twitter account is telling us that the radical left will riot and loot when Trump wins reelection:

Translation: “Does anyone believe my supporters won’t riot and loot and burn even more if Donald Trump is reelected?”

All the chaos and mayhem–as well as the lockdowns–are punishment for America voting Trump in 2016. It is meant to send a message: this is what happens when you put an outsider in the White House.

You want it to stop? Then vote for Joe Biden.

After all, his supporters are the ones behind all the violence. Most Americans know this. They realize they’re being extorted by the Establishment: just hand power back and they’ll call off the dogs.

Michael Brendan Dougherty makes some good points on this at National Review online:

Our “uprisings” are led by people who hate Trump. They are happening under Democratic governors, and in cities with Democratic mayors and city counsels. Those elected officials have turned down multiple offers of help. It was a Democrat mayor who called the Seattle Autonomous Zone a “summer of love” as its residents violently extorted local business. She closed it down only after the second child was murdered in it.

“This is Donald Trump’s America.” I just don’t know. When I was a dumb teenager, I once used an aerosol spray can and a lighter in the kitchen to make a minor flame thrower. I burned a curtain. I wasn’t clever enough to turn to my mother and excuse myself by protesting, “At the end of the day, this is your house!”

The very fact that the Democratic Mayor of Seattle only shut down CHAZ after two teenagers were murdered in it further underscores the fact that the Democrats let it all happen. They had the power to stop the chaos all along, but simply chose not to. It’s the same thing in Portland: that idiot mayor has had the power to restore law & order all along, he simply chooses not to, probably because he knows the rioters and anarchists are his base.

Everybody knows the riots are being carried out by radical leftwing activists, and being permitted by Democratic mayors and governors.

So why is Biden trying to make the obviously ridiculous argument that the riots are Trump’s fault? His campaign can’t be that stupid, can it?

It’s not stupidity. It’s desperation. It’s finally dawning on the Democrats just how badly the Summer of Love 2020 has backfired.

They thought they’d be able to pin the George Floyd and Jacob Blake incidents on Donald Trump and his “racism.” Obviously, they were wrong. Nobody who didn’t already loathe Trump thinks that he and his “racism” were behind George Floyd & Jacob Blake.

As for the rioting and chaos, I really don’t know how the Democrats figured they’d benefit from that. It really is beyond me.

I have a few theories on why the Democrats miscalculated so badly:

  1. They thought people would sympathize with the riots rather than be repulsed, enraged and horrified by them.
  2. They thought the media would be able to hide the extent of the chaos and portray it as largely a big “peaceful” protest, which people would then sympathize with.
  3. They didn’t think things would get out of hand as badly as they did.
  4. They really believed they’d be able to bully the American public into supporting the mob out of sheer terror.

Whatever it was, they miscalculated badly. Epically. Catastrophically.

Never once over the past several months have I believed the polls or the media narrative that Trump was in major trouble or that Biden was cruising to a landslide. I have always believed Trump was going to win reelection.

Now I think he’s going to win big. In May, he was probably on track for a close 2016-margin victory. Now he’s on track for a big victory. People are abandoning the Democratic Party because it is the party of the mob and the riots.

It’s too late for Biden to try to flip this on Trump. That doesn’t mean the Democrats–soulless, mendacious liars that they are–won’t try to gaslight the nation into believing the riots are Trump’s doing.

But nobody’s buying it. It’s too late. The damage is irreversible.

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