CDC: Only 6% of Covid Deaths Were Caused by Covid Alone

It’s right there on their site:

For months now I have been saying we should be distinguishing between deaths with Covid and deaths of Covid. It turns out the CDC has been doing this, they just don’t really go out of their way to publicize it.

Neither does the media. The media would rather run fear porn and act like we’re all going to die.

So only 6% of America’s Covid deaths were actually Covid deaths. Only 6% of listed Covid deaths had “Covid” as the sole cause of death. That comes out to 9,683 deaths of Covid alone.

This means that 94% of Covid deaths had comorbidities. And as the CDC noted, there were an average of 2.6 additional causes of death.

Meaning the people who are “dying of Covid” are generally some very sick people.

I figured the true number of Covid deaths was way smaller than the widely publicized death total of 160k+, but I didn’t think it would be this much lower.

This brings Covid from a death rate of 3% down to 0.1%. And that’s just dividing it by the total number of confirmed cases. The actual number of cases is probably much higher given that many were asymptomatic.

Say it with me: plannedemic.

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