Kenosha Police: Majority of Rioters Arrested Weren’t From Kenosha

Kenosha police said 102 of the 175 people arrested last week were not from Kenosha:

They said the people arrested came from 44 different cities in total. This could mean neighboring towns to Kenosha or it could mean faraway places way beyond the borders of Wisconsin.

This would seem to confirm suspicions that the riots are not grassroots and organic, but are in reality planned and staged–Astroturfed. Someone is funding and coordinating all of this, bringing in out of state agitators to cause mayhem and destruction.

Given how much property damage and destruction we saw, this explanation always made more sense. People don’t destroy and burn their own cities indiscriminately like that. It always made way more sense that the anarchists, arsonists and vandals were ringers brought in from elsewhere.

The real questions: Who brought them in? Who paid them? Why?

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