Month: August 2020

Don Lemon: “The rioting has to stop. It’s showing up in the polling.”

Too late for that, asshole. The damage has been done after three full months of nonstop rioting, looting, burning and mayhem. You and your braindead false savior are toast.

The damage has been done, asshole:

Notice how Don Lemon has dropped all the bullshit gaslighting about “peaceful protests”.

That’s because he has come to the realization that Biden is screwed and the Summer of BLM has completely and totally backfired. The public is not on the side of the rioters. The public is terrified of that coming to their town. The public wants law and order by any means necessary.

The public wants their country to go back to normal.

A few more things about Don Lemon’s idiotic argument:

  • “[Biden’s] gotta address it. He’s gotta do a speech like Barack Obama did about race. He’s gotta tell people he’s going to deal with the issue of police reform…”
  • Uh, what Obama speech is he talking about? It clearly didn’t work. Race relations took a massive dive under Obama.
  • Americans do not want the Democrats to “deal with the issue of police reform.” They’re the ones screaming “DEFUND THE POLICE!” Americans want law and order. They want security. They want to live in a country that is peaceful, harmonious and safe. The Democrats are the party of rioting, mayhem and racial tribalism. No thanks.
  • “What’s happening now is happening under Donald Trump’s watch, and when [Biden] is President, he and Kamala Harris will take care of the problem.”
  • Lemon is talking about the police shootings here, not the rioting. This is a straight up lie, though. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin both happened under Obama. BLM itself was founded in 2013. Do not even try to act like black people are being killed by police because Trump is in office.
  • People have always been killed by police. Black, white, brown–whatever. It’s only in the past 7-8 years that the media has been focusing on it obsessively and portraying it as this massive, nationwide “epidemic” that has only sprung up recently. Biden and Harris are not going to “take care” of anything. The media will just stop reporting on it as much because it won’t be as politically useful for the Democrats. This will cause people to think Biden solved the problem.

What you’re seeing here out of Don Lemon is panic. He knows all of this has backfired spectacularly on Biden.

Courage vs. Conformity

Though they spend every waking moment crusading against make-believe “Nazis,” I have no doubt in my mind that every last one of these “progressive” activists and “anti-racists” would have been hardcore Nazis if they were alive in 1930s Germany:

Yeah, it takes a lot of courage to shout “Black Lives Matter!” at a defenseless diner. You only have the full public support of every major corporation, the media, Hollywood, Academia and the violent mobs rampaging around the country.

No doubt these privileged, bored, secular upper-middle class white kids think they’re heroic rebels waging holy war against a wicked establishment.

Look how tough they are, dozens of them bullying one poor lady who just wanted to have a nice dinner on a warm summer night. 30 against 1. This is the “Love Trumps Hate!” crowd–so full of hatred they’re bursting at the seams.

If you ever want to know if you’re the Dominant Culture or the Counter Culture, just ask yourself, “What do I risk by holding these views?” If the answer is “nothing,” then you are part of the Dominant Culture. I don’t care if you’re LARPing as a revolutionary or a rebel in the streets, throwing bricks through windows and setting cars on fire. That actually makes you an even bigger stooge because you’ve been tricked by the Cultural Elites into thinking you’re a rebel, when in reality you’re one of their minions.

These spoiled brats are footsoldiers, pawns of the Power Establishment they think they’re rebelling against, and they don’t even realize it.

Pelosi Has Meltdown, Calls Trump & GOP “Enemies of the State” in Desperate Attempt to Delegitimize Election

Always remember: whatever the Democrats accuse our side of, they themselves are guilty of. Every single time.

The Democrats are gonna bring back Civility and Decency, you guys.

She’s preparing to reject the results of the election. The Dems are getting their excuse ready for when they lose: “It was because Trump sabotaged the postal service!”

They’re coming to the realization that all their desperate measures have failed and Biden is going to lose. So they’re going to try and take the whole country down with him by refusing to concede. Because Democrats are straight-up gangsters with zero morals or principles at all and will burn everything to the ground if it helps them claw back to power.

However, on the flip side, Nancy Pelosi is a joke. Ridicule and mockery are our greatest weapons against these people:

Do You Understand Now?

It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it::

New York is of course run by the Party of Science™️. So you know this policy that celebrities are immune to coronavirus is Super Scientific.

The Rich & Famous live by one set of rules, the rest of us by another. The word that comes to mind here is “decadence.” We are a decadent society. The elites have clearly detached themselves from the rest of the country and left the masses in the dust.

Remember, guys: We Are All In This Together.

Noted “Nazi” Alt-Righter Richard Spencer Endorses Joe Biden, Media Silent

Remember in 2016 the media asking Trump a thousand million times if he “disavowed” Spencer, even though he never once “avowed” him in the first place?

“Liberals are clearly more competent people.” At what, exactly? Running cities into the ground? Presiding over third-world-esque conditions and crime rates? Having the highest coronavirus death rates in the country, ie. NY and NJ? Liberals run California. They literally destroy everything they touch.

But whatever. Spencer’s opinion is irrelevant. The guy is probably a Fed anyway. He would be a complete nobody if it weren’t for the media constantly giving him attention in order to overhype the threat of 😱WHITE SUPREMACISM 😱.

The point here is that no matter how many times Trump disavowed Spencer in 2016, the media still associated Trump with him anyway. Because if Spencer supports him, and Spencer is a white nationalist, that must mean Trump is a white nationalist since he’s supported by a white nationalist.

I’m sure the media will be consistent and apply that logic to Biden now that Spencer has endorsed him. Right?

Biden/Harris: Get Out There And Riot For Jacob Blake, People!

Because it is now a full-scale national crisis anytime a black person is shot by police, the Biden campaign released this statement on the (as of now non-lethal) shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin yesterday:

“We must dismantle systemic racism.” “We must fight…”

They are trying to provoke looting and rioting. They automatically assume the police were in the wrong, they automatically assume it was RACISM–they want chaos and unrest. They want this country divided by race.

Of course they left this line in here and I’m sure it slipped past plenty of people: “Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back as police tried to restrain him from getting into his vehicle.”

Uh, he was disobeying police orders. He was not allowed to get into his vehicle. What Jacob Blake was doing was called “resisting arrest”. He was blatantly doing the opposite of the police orders. I know it’s racist that black people have to follow the law and obey the police, but those are the rules for now.

Here is the video:

Police are trying to get him to stop, he has zero regard for their commands, and then he goes into his car and appeared to be reaching for something, which could have been a gun, so cops shot him. Cops have to make split second decisions like this all the time. Most of them would rather be safe than sorry.

This is why it’s terrible for our country that every police shooting is considered national news. Because even videos like these lack the proper context needed to understand why police made the decision to use lethal force. You really don’t know unless you’re there, yet for the the social media know-it-alls, a 10 second low quality phone video is all they need to make up their minds: it was RACISM!!! In fact, most probably won’t even watch the video. They’ll just see it trending on social media and join in the dogpile.

After the shooting went public, BLM started rioting. I won’t include the imagery here because if you’ve seen one riot, you’ve seen them all. Except for this choice image of a car dealership burning down–with a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign in the foreground:

That’s what you get for being an “ally.”

Segregation is Back!

Is this progress?

Wasn’t that the whole point of the Brown v. Board of Education (1954) Supreme Court ruling? That “separate but equal” is unconstitutional and wrong?

I’m sure the black dorms end up being nicer and newer than the white dorms–or, I guess, the non-black dorms? Because reparations and racial justice and stuff. Black people need to preferential treatment in order to make up for white privilege, I guess.

We are really living in bizarro-world now. Are kids not taught about Martin Luther King anymore? Growing up, MLK and his “I have a dream…” colorblind mantra was considered the universal American ideal for race relations.

But now it seems like all that is out the window. Now it seems like the mantra is black separatism and zero-sum racial conflict (ie. Black people win, white people lose).

For almost 50 years, Martin Luther King’s vision of nonviolent protests and racial equality in this country appeared to have won out. But now it seems like Malcolm X’s ideals of violent confrontation and black revenge have replaced them.

At some point in the past 5-10 years, our ruling class changed from being responsible and promoting racial harmony, to cynical and exploitative in their efforts to divide the country based on race.