Month: August 2020

George Floyd Arrest Body Camera Footage Released

Not that anyone cares anymore, because the Summer of BLM was never really about George Floyd, but for anyone who is interested, they’ve finally released the body cam footage from the May 25 fatal encounter:

Right off the bat, this guy Floyd is clearly on drugs or something. He’s having a nervous breakdown, sobbing and calling for his mother.

The media, of course, will use this to portray Floyd as a blameless victim, childlike in his innocence. “A gut wrenching look at just how terrifying it is to be black in America,” I’m sure. Because we all know police are out to get black people at all times.

White liberals will be tripping over themselves to let the whole world know how painful it was for them to hear the anguish and terror in George Floyd’s voice. Because as we all know, white liberals are the Real Victims Here. Because they just care so damn much about black people!

The Daily Mail, which I believe was the first outlet to release the new footage today, is framing it exactly how you’d expect:

floyd daily mail

“After the struggle to get Floyd in the cop car”

That’s a minor detail, huh?

At the 1:47 mark, a woman who I assume was a passenger in Floyd’s car yells at Floyd and says, “Stop resisting!”

I said this within days of Floyd’s deaths: George Floyd wasn’t killed because he’s black, he was killed because he was resisting. When you resist arrest and give the cops a hard time, all bets are off. Your safety cannot be guaranteed at that point.

I don’t think Floyd was resisting badly enough to warrant being killed. I don’t think the police were right to kill him. But he was definitely not cooperating with the police. At that point, you’re on your own.

At 2:10, the officer tells him “Stop resisting” and Floyd says, “I’m not!”

The first half of Part 2 shows us only a brief glimpse of Floyd, it’s mostly focused on the officer who is dealing with the passengers in Floyd’s car. They’re giving the officer a hard time, constantly protesting “I didn’t do nothing!” “We were just getting a ride from him” etc. The officer asks the one lady for her ID and she says she doesn’t have it.

Just a general lack of respect for law enforcement. That’s not going to do you any favors.

The officer asks the woman why George Floyd is acting so erratic. She says she doesn’t know. He asks if he’s on drugs. She says no, but that “he’s been shot before” and “he has a thing going on” and points at her head, as in a mental condition or something. “What’s that mean” the officer asks. “He’s got problems, especially when they had a gun pointed at him like that” she responds, in reference to when the officer pulled a gun on Floyd as he approached the car and Floyd would not cooperate.

The last half of Part 2 goes back to Floyd, who is clearly very upset. The police ask him if he’s one drugs, he says no. Then they start walking him across the street to the other police car. This is the “missing” part of the footage we never got when the story first broke: the footage from when he was in cuffs against the wall, to the point where he ends up on the ground with an officer’s knee on his neck.

Floyd is despondent and sobbing, the officers go to put him in the back of the squad car and at the end of Part 2, you can hear the officer say, “Get up, stop falling down.”

Parts 3 and 4 are just the officers trying to get him in the car, and him continually refusing. Eventually by Part 4, he’s halfway in the car, the officer with the body camera that we’re watching goes around to the other side to pull him through from the back, and Floyd starts screaming and presumably thrashing around. He’s obviously not complying with the officers at all even though they’ve asked him countless times to simply get in the car. He keeps saying “I want to be on the ground” and “I’m claustrophobic” to avoid going in the police car. He then yells “I can’t breathe” even before the officer is on his neck.

I’m trying to be objective here, but the main thing I took away from this was that Floyd was non-compliant, he was erratic, he seemed like he was on drugs or in an altered state of mind. And of course the autopsy report said he was on fentanyl and methamphetamine:


It seemed like the officers were being reasonable with him. I still don’t think Floyd deserved to die, as his resisting did not appear to rise to the level of actively trying to harm the arresting officers. But he clearly was not the innocent victim the media is portraying him as.

He died because he had prior medical conditions and was on drugs. Of course his heart attack was probably set off by the high-stress situation of being subdued by an officer’s knee on his neck. But the only reason he was in that situation was because he did not comply with the officers and just go into the police car.

There it is: NYTimes Wants to Scrap the Presidential Debates

You knew it was coming:

There will not be a debate between Trump and Biden. It will not happen. I’ve suspected this since June, once it became clear that the lockdowns would not be just a quick, temporary thing.

After the lockdown entered its third month, it was pretty obvious that the whole thing was an election year ploy that included a way for Biden to not have to debate or campaign.

However, the virus alone will not be enough of an excuse to get Biden out of the debates. Trump’s team will easily be able to accommodate a “socially distanced” debate. You don’t need a crowd. You just need the candidates, some staff, a moderator and a TV crew.

And then if even that get shot down by the Biden camp as “too risky,” then you can do virtual debates. This would obviously suck, but clearly no one could object to this on virus-related grounds. And the Biden camp could even feed him answers the whole time off-camera.

But the Biden campaign is determined to avoid any sort of debate–it’s not about the virus at all. The virus is the excuse.

So the NYTimes has another excuse:

Now it is true that Presidential debates did not became an election staple until 1976. The first real televised debate was, as we know, in 1960 between Nixon and Kennedy. But that would be the last debate until 1976, and every election since then has featured a debate or, as has become the trend in recent years, multiple debates.

The Lincoln-Douglas debates took place back in 1858, though most people probably think it was a presidential debate since Lincoln and Douglas would end up squaring off for the White House in 1860. But whether or not it was for President or Senate, the point is, debates have a long history in this country.

I’m under no illusions that the debates are anything other than a made for TV spectacle. The first debate itself proved this: TV viewers thought Kennedy won, while radio listeners thought Nixon won. It’s a matter of optics, charisma and screen presence–it’s almost as if the debates measure who’s a better television performer instead of who’s a better candidate for president.

Elections in general are made-for-TV spectacles, honestly. Have you noticed that just about every election in the cable news era (early 1990s-present) has been relatively close? Cable news is designed to keep the elections close in order to keep people hooked all the way until the Thrilling Conclusion of this season of The Presidential Campaign. Every election has to have drama, suspense and uncertainty.

This was not the case in the past. Prior to the rise of cable news–again, early 1990s–blowout elections were quite common.

But the reason we need a debate now in 2020 is because of how uniquely unfit for office the Democratic candidate is. In 2016 the first debate got over 84 million viewers and that was just online–it didn’t even count how many people were streaming online. The debates are often thought of as the moment when most “low information voters” get their first good looks at the candidates, and while that might not be as true today with social media and the generally increased focus on politics as a whole, the debates are the first time we get to see the candidates in as close to an unscripted, candid environment as possible. The debates allow us to really size up the candidates, and while most of us are already long since locked in to our choices, there are still those people who really can be swayed every four years.

Everyone needs to be able to see Joe Biden in a debate setting. They have to have full knowledge of who they’re voting for. They need to see this guy in all his glory. They need to see him struggle through the most basic sentences and forget rudimentary facts. They need to see him off-script and without handlers in his ear. They need to see him attempt to think on his feet.

In short, Joe Biden’s clearly deteriorated mental faculties need to be exposed for all the world to see.

And the debate is the only way that can happen, even though the leftwing network it airs on will probably be doing everything it can to prop him up, including giving his team the questions beforehand and having the moderators blatantly favor him.

In any other year, I would agree that the debates are over-hyped, made-for-TV spectacles that don’t really tell us who will be a better president.

But this year, we need a debate so the whole world can see how unfit for office Joe Biden is.

Minneapolis Police: We Give Up

This could be a tactic by the police in response to the threat of being defunded, or maybe it’s because the city simply won’t let the police do what needs to be done to keep the peace and stop crime.

Either way, it’s disturbing that a major American city is basically saying, “we have lost control, the criminals are in charge now.”

“When you go outside, be prepared to give up your phone and wallet.”

This is a city that is choosing to neglect its most basic function: law and order. And it’s not because they can’t, it’s because they are making the conscious choice not to in the name of “anti-racism.” If police are disproportionately arresting black people, it must be because the police are racist. And the racists have gotta go! So state-sanctioned anarchy is the new reality.

Again, I think this could be the police sending a message to the residents of Minneapolis to show them what life is like when you defund the police.

But either way, crime is way up. At its most basic level, government exists to ensure the peaceful folk can live, love, work, play and prosper. This is why we tolerate politicians.

When a government purposely neglects its most basic obligation, like this, it completely loses all legitimacy. How can the City of Minneapolis even ask people to pay their taxes at this point?

Social Distancing is Only For the Peasants

One set of rules for us, another set of rules for them:

They think they’re better than you. They think the rules should not apply to themselves.

As George Carlin brilliantly put it: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

It’s not about the virus at all. It probably never has been.

Rep. Gohmert: I’m Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Treat My Coronavirus

Wow, it’s almost as if Trump & Co. keep pushing HCQ because it’s safe and effective, not because they’re Science Deniers™️:

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

What does the media have to say now?

A Republican Congressman trusts HCQ so much he’s taking it himself.

“Oh he’s just politicizing it!”

Pretty sure it was the media and the Democratic politicians that “politicized” HCQ by opposing it on purely political grounds once Trump first started talking about it back in March.

I never understood all these people that get really angry when Trump touts HCQ.

Seriously, what is the thought process of the HCQ Deniers? Why do they believe Trump is pushing a false, discredited and potentially dangerous cure?

Because he wants to harm Americans?

I really don’t get it. What does Trump gain from tricking people into taking a false cure?

Or do they think Trump is just really dumb because he “doesn’t trust Experts™️”–y’know, people like Dr. Fauci, who won’t even say if 20,000-strong BLM protests increase the spread of the virus.

Maybe they’re the ones who are really dumb given that they’re rejecting the cure for the virus that has had them cowering in fear for 4 straight months solely because that cure comes on the recommendation of President Trump.

Would these people rather die of coronavirus than take a cure that Trump will get credit for promoting early on?

I don’t want the cure if it proves the Evil Orange correct!”

People: the “Experts” you blindly trust are not looking out for you. They’re not warning you against taking HCQ because it doesn’t work. They’re fearmongering about HCQ because it does work.

They want to suppress the cure to make the pandemic numbers look as bad as possible for Trump, and to ensure Big Pharma/Bill Gates gets a monopoly on the vaccine.