Antifa Set off Fireworks in Front of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Apartment

You made your bed, Ted, now lie in it:

I’m no fan of Antifa, obviously, but this jackass Wheeler is getting what he deserves. You’ll remember that it was this idiot who just last Friday thought he was so cool and badass releasing a public letter he wrote telling Trump to shove it:

Literally within 48 hours of the letter, a conservative activist was shot dead in cold blood by an Antifa psychopath in Portland.

Wheeler then had the audacity to give a televised speech blaming Trump for just about every bad thing that has happened in Portland for the last four months–the rioting, the lawlessness, the looting, the murder, the violence.

So while Antifa are obviously the worst of the worst, I’m glad they’re harassing the idiot Portland Mayor.

That’s what you get for enabling and bowing to the mob. That’s what you get for abandoning law and order.

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