🚨Fake News Alert: Atlantic Mag Says Trump Hates the Troops

I’m not even going to dignify this accusation with a link to the article. The Atlantic is failing, so let’s not do anything to prolong the amount of time it circles the drain. I’ll just include this Twitter summary:

They’re saying Trump referred to fallen US Marines who fought in WWI as “losers” and “suckers.”

They’re also saying he said the same thing about John McCain after he died in 2018.

The best part of all of this is Jeffery Goldberg’s–the Atlantic Editor-in-Chief who was making rounds on cable news today promoting his magazine’s slanderous story–excuse for using anonymous sources. He says his sources are anonymous because they “don’t want to get angry tweets.” I’m serious:

It’s almost comical how bad this story is. Goldberg’s sources are Super Brave Whistleblowers, but they’re also too afwaid of mean tweeets.

If that’s the biggest worry you have, then just don’t go on Twitter for a while. Problem solved.

If you’re so concerned about this country that you’re willing to come forward with a major accusation like this against the President, then wouldn’t you be willing to brave a few 🤬 Mean Tweets 🤬?

That’s because the sources are either made-up, or the sources are full of it.

The first accusation–about WWI soldiers–is just obviously untrue. It literally could not be further away from who Donald Trump is. Most people, even those who are not supporters of his, would have to admit that Trump very obviously loves America, and bends over backwards for the troops. Only the most nutty and brainwashed fringe of far-leftwing Fake News Consumers would not reflexively reject this story as bogus.

I mean you’d have to literally be watching CNN and MSNBC all day long in order to be this out-of-touch with reality. Those few people who are willing to believe Trump said this stuff about fallen US soldiers are living entirely inside the Fake News artificial reality constructed by the media. What the Atlantic is accusing Trump of is cartoon villain-esque.

Unfortunately, this story is getting major play in the media, because blue checks are some of the few people this thoroughly engrossed in the Manufactured World of Fake News. The NeverTrumpers believe this stuff because, well, they’re liberals and obviously so. And the big time, blue check-having so-called “Journalists” believe this stuff because they’re actually rabidly partisan far-left Democrats, not journalists.

Exhibit A:

No, they haven’t “confirmed” anything. You’re just a leftwing hack seeking confirmation bias.

Norman Ornstein says Jeffrey Goldberg is a 10 out of 10 in terms of credibility. Yet he leaves out the fact that Jeffrey Goldberg was one of the biggest proponents of the Iraq War way back when, even falsely claiming that Iraq was in cahoots with Al Qaeda. More on Goldberg’s lack of credibility here, here and here.

Unfortunately for Goldberg, screenshots are forever and so is the internet:

This guy should have been laughed out of the business 18 years ago. But unfortunately we don’t have an honest media in our country, and it is precisely because Goldberg helped lie us into war with Iraq that he has not only stuck around but been promoted. That should tell you everything you need to know about the values of the American mainstream media.

The Atlantic claimed that Trump blew-off the French cemetery trip because Trump Cares About His Hair More Than the Troops:

I honestly don’t know how anyone could read those words and believe them to be true. You have to be living in a completely different world.

But it turns out the Atlantic got that wrong, too, because FOIA-obtained emails show that Trump’s helicopter trip to the Cemetery really was canceled by the Navy due to bad weather. Credit @Techno_Fog and Jason Leopold on Twitter:

But the Atlantic does not care about this stuff, which has been public since May 2019. The Atlantic writes stories for people who want to believe Trump is Satan Incarnate. Ironically, it’s the everyday people on Twitter who have to fact-check the supposed Professional Blue Check Journalists, all of whom ate this story up (both now and back in 2018 when the Paris trip happened) without a second thought.

Also wrecking Goldberg’s credibility is former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton, who publicly turned on Trump after being fired. Although Bolton is a neocon snake, in his book–which was released in June of this year–he specifically details the decision to cancel the cemetery trip, and it has nothing to do with Trump being “afraid of the rain” or hating the troops:

But, again, none of this really matters to the Atlantic and all the other blue checks obsessing over this story. Because they didn’t “make a mistake.” They lied. They’ve been consistently lying about Trump since 2016–frequently, deliberately and maliciously. The whole France story from 2018 was a lie from the start, but since it fit their “narrative” (and the fact-checking of it did not) they brought it back up again for 2020.

Now, the McCain story is another matter. Because Trump and McCain have had a very public feud for a while. Trump addressed that part as well on Twitter:

Plus, since we know the first claim in the Atlantic story is obviously bullshit, what reason do we have to believe this McCain stuff?

Trump did say of McCain “He’s not a hero” and “I like people who weren’t captured” back in 2015. But more than proof that Trump Hates The Troops, I think those comments about McCain were more an indication that Trump knows the real story about McCain’s time in Vietnam, which paints a very different picture of him from the War Hero story most people have been told.

Back in March 2015, the incomparable Ron Unz wrote a long piece entitled “When Tokyo Rose Ran for President” about John McCain. It’s very long, but if you have some time I highly recommend reading it and learning the truth about what really happened to John McCain in Vietnam. Here’s a brief excerpt that summarizes the story:

It is certainly acknowledged that considerable numbers of American POWs were indeed tortured in Vietnam, but it is far from clear that McCain was ever one of them. As the original Counterpunch article pointed out, throughout almost the entire war McCain was held at a special section for the best-behaving prisoners, which was where he allegedly produced his Communist propaganda broadcasts and perhaps became such good friends with his guards as they later claimed. Top-ranking former POWs held at the same prison, such as Colonels Ted Guy and Gordon “Swede” Larson, have gone on the record saying they are very skeptical regarding McCain’s claims of torture.

McCain wasn’t tortured. He was captured by the Vietnamese after crash-landing his plane, but then treated extraordinarily well by the enemy and even recorded propaganda broadcasts for them. This was because John McCain’s father, John McCain Jr., was literally the Commander in Chief of Pacific Command during the Vietnam War–in other words, the highest-ranking Naval officer in the Vietnam War.

It’s a long story that I recommend reading for yourself. But the point is that Trump was not just talking out of his ass when he said that stuff about John McCain back in 2015. The reason it sounded so outrageous at the time was because most people don’t know the McCain torture saga is a myth.

Anyway. Back to the Fake News.

The fact that the Atlantic story was pure garbage did not stop Joe Biden from repeating its allegations while on the campaign trail today:

Biden “visibly angry,” says the Blue Check. Because Biden just cares so damn much about the troops! It literally hurts his heart when he hears the Evil Orange Man’s Evil Orange Man Words.

At least Joe was nice enough to toss in the “if these statements are true” disclaimer.

I guess that’s how politics works now. I guess now a news outlet could say something like, “Per Sources, Joe Biden Has Practiced Cannibalism Since 1978.” And then Trump could give an entire speech calling him Cannibal Joe or something like that, and it’s All Good In the Hood as long as Trump says, “if these statements are true” at the end.

And apparently Biden just says whatever the media tells him to say about Trump. The media handles his messaging strategy and does all his oppo research for him. They just tee up stories for him.

Nobody who is not already way off the deep-end believes this story. It’s just not believable.

Trump loves the troops. He loves America. He goes out of his way to constantly profess his admiration and support for the military.

I ran a Twitter search for every time Trump used the term “troops” or “military” and there were too many results to count. Every time Trump endorses a Republican candidate, he cites the candidate’s commitment to the military. These are just a few examples from the past couple months, because there are so many tweets:

Being “strong on Military & Vets” is one of Trump’s biggest requirements for endorsing a candidate.


Trump consistently shows us that taking care of the military is one of his highest priorities:

And finally the cherry on top:

Yeah, TOTALLY sound like a guy who would disparage WWI troops.

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