California Can’t Even Keep The Lights On

California has been in the midst of a major heatwave the past few days. Today it was over 110 degrees in Los Angeles. Woodland Hills, in the Los Angeles area, hit a record of 118 degrees. So the Mayor of LA ordered residents to turn off their air conditioners:

This is the reality of the third-world nation of California–America’s biggest state with nearly 40 million citizens, and which, if it were its own country, would be the 5th largest economy in the world. California has Hollywood and Silicon Valley, several top universities, and many of the nations richest citizens.

And they cannot figure out how to keep the grid working during a heat wave. I get that California has lots of people, and that it’s much hotter than most other states which puts its power grid under far more stress than other states. But they should still be able to figure this out.

Not allowed to use their air conditioners, Californians naturally flocked to the beach:

But the Coronavirus!

Turns out people would rather not die of heat stroke.

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