Media: 90% of Protests This Year Peaceful

Weapons-grade gaslighting:

They’re lying straight to your faces and trying to tell you not to trust your lying eyes.

Maybe it’s true that 90% of protests were peaceful.

But the 10% that weren’t caused a hell of a lot of damage.

This is kind of like saying 99.9% of flights on September 11, 2001 safely reached their destinations.

I guess, though, if this is the standard, then that’s wonderful news: it means the Covid-19 pandemic should be over!

According to Worldometers, only 2.9% of US coronavirus cases have been fatal. That means 97.1% of cases were not fatal. I eagerly await the media to apply their logic on downplaying the protests to coronavirus!

Stonetoss had a great comic about it, too:

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