Stories From Upside Down World

Want to see how the other half lives?

Example 1:

If by “change” you mean “looting, rioting, vandalism, assault, burning down car dealerships and even murder,” then yes, BLM wants “change” and the right doesn’t.

Yes, the right did bring guns to Kenosha. That was because of all the “change” taking place.

Example 2:

“Bracing for” MAGA violence. That’s rich. I can almost guarantee every last one of these leftwing groups directly fund and support Antifa.

But why would they expect Biden to not win by a landslide? Don’t they trust the polls? Leftists won’t shut up about the polls these days because they all show Biden up 10+.


And finally, here is Joe Biden saying, “the only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump.” What?!

But he said it alright:

In upside down world, Donald Trump wants to defund police, the right is going to riot after election day, and BLM are peaceful change-seekers kinda like Gandhi or MLK.

This is your brain on Mainstream Media brainwashing. The two sides in America are basically living in different worlds.

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