West Coast To Secede if Trump Wins?

Earlier today I highlighted a ridiculous article on Daily Beast entitled “The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day” which fretted about Trump supporters rioting if Trump loses–even though Biden supporters are the ones who have been rioting for the past four months.

The article’s headline was ridiculous enough, but it also includes this interesting tidbit that these leftwing groups have discussed in their “war games” scenarios over a disputed 2020 election: they would “encourage Western states, particularly California but also Oregon and Washington, to secede from the Union” if Trump wins the election but loses the popular vote:

  1. First of all, just because the “progressive groups” are idiots and can’t understand that the popular vote doesn’t matter does not mean they are entitled to remedy if they continually lose the electoral college while winning the popular vote. The President is elected by the states. What part of that is so hard to understand?
  2. Zero chance we should grant any of their demands. They have no leverage. What are they going to do if Trump doesn’t give them what they want, riot more? They’re doing that now and it’s completely backfiring on them. The riots are turning more and more people into Trump voters.
  3. Puerto Rico and DC getting statehood would just guarantee the Democrats at least 6 more electoral votes every election, along with at least 2 more Democratic representatives and four more Democratic Senators. Splitting California into five states would give the Democrats 8 more Senators for a total of 12 new Democratic Senators. Keep dreaming.
  4. Finally, if they really want the West coast to secede from the Union, that would be wonderful. That would solve so many of this country’s problems. Can you imagine if Hollywood was a different country and we didn’t have to deal with them anymore? And Portland and Seattle, too. That would be a dream come true.
  5. If those three states did secede, then all the red counties within them would immediately secede and rejoin the US:

Portland and Seattle would be little more than City States within a sea of red. California will lose the Inland Empire and the coast will be basically all blue. But we can make do without it.

Democrats, however, could not.

Hillary’s popular vote margin in the 2016 election was 2,868,519 million votes nationwide.

She won California by 4,269,978 votes that year.

Without California, she would have lost the popular vote by 1,401,459 votes. And subtract California’s 55 electoral votes from her 232, giving her a paltry 177, which would have made the 242 electoral votes you’d need to win the presidency in a California-less US even further out of reach.

Democrats are screwed if California secedes. It’s an empty threat. In fact, Republicans would probably welcome it.

All of these mainstream media stories with #Concerned titles like “OMG What Are We Going to DO if Trump Refuses to Admit He Lost the Election?” are complete BS.

What they’re really saying is, “How Are We Going to Gaslight The Nation When Trump Calls us Out For Trying to Steal the Election?” That’s what they’re really wondering. They are trying to establish the narrative that any Trump win will be illegitimate.

The real question is, “How bad of a meltdown will the left have when Trump wins again?”

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