This Week’s Fake Trump Scandal Is… He “Downplayed” The Coronavirus!

Expect a fake scandal a week from now until the election. The media is in full-on desperation mode now with under 8 weeks to go.

Last week it was the laughable accusation that Trump Hates The Troops, this week it’s “Trump downplayed the Coronavirus back in March and PEOPLE DIED!”

This all stems from a phone call between Trump and “journalist” Bob Woodward from March 19, which Woodward recorded and sat on until today:

That’s the scandal, I guess.


  1. If Bob Woodward thought it was such a big deal that Trump was downplaying the virus, and that the public needed to know and that it was literally a matter of life and death, doesn’t that make Bob Woodward a horrible person for sitting on this tape for nearly six months? Shouldn’t Bob Woodward have turned around immediately after that phone call and exposed his recording to the world?
  2. No, because the point was to sit on it and release it close to the election.
  3. If anyone is guilty of mischaracterizing the virus, it’s the media for “up-playing” how deadly it really is. It was widely believed in the early months of this year that COVID-19 was way worse than it actually is. As time has passed we now know it’s not nearly as deadly and dangerous as we initially thought. It is mainly older people at risk, the death rate is not 5%, and there was never any need to panic over this virus. We massively overreacted to this virus and should have reversed course and gone back to normal months ago.
  4. Trump’s biggest mistake was speaking to the media at all. Why would he think he could speak in confidence to Bob Woodward? The best thing Trump could do would be to completely ignore and marginalize the “mainstream” media. Exclude NYT, CNN, WaPo and the rest from the White House. Do not treat them like legitimate news organizations, because they aren’t. They’re willfully dishonest propaganda outlets who are actively working to destroy the country.
  5. As far as I can tell, the only thing the media is freaking out about is that Trump downplayed the virus in terms of his public comments. This does not mean his administration was not taking the virus seriously behind the scenes. After all, he banned all travel from China back in January.
  6. So Trump is guilty of not inciting a panic among the people? Guess he should have just gone on TV and said, “We have done our best to contain this Biblical plague, but it is too much. Every man for himself. Spend what little time you have remaining with your loved ones. Maketh thy peace with thy God whilst thou still can.”

I don’t even want to get into this nonsense again. I’ve already done a long write-up on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, and America’s numbers are not out of the ordinary at all worldwide.

In fact, the only places in America where the virus was handled poorly: Democrat-run New York and New Jersey. The media’s darling Andrew Cuomo and his pal NJ Governor Phil Murphy have been the two worst handlers of the coronavirus on the planet. That is not an exaggeration.

Here’s the list of the highest per-one-million death rates in the world by country:

San Marino, an island of 34,000 people, has the highest death rate in the world at 1,237. Outside of them, the highest country death rate in the world is Peru, at 911 per million. The deaths-per-million rate in the US as a whole is 588.

Now have a look at New York and New Jersey when broken out individually:

1,816 deaths per million for NJ.

1,701 for New York.

That’s the real scandal.

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