Biden Tries to Reverse Declining Latino Support by Playing “Despacito” from His Phone

No, the Biden campaign isn’t worried about its flagging support with Latinos, why do you ask?

Now apparently the guy who sings the song had introduced Biden at the campaign “rally” or event or whatever you call it (I’m sure it was sparsely attended).

At first I thought Biden just randomly started playing the song from his phone because someone in his campaign told him it would make Latinos support him more.

It’s not as bad if the guy who made the song was there at the event with him.

But it’s still pretty pathetic. It might be worse than when Hillary ridiculously said she carries a bottle of hot sauce around in her purse in a cringe-inducing attempt to appeal to black voters. I’m not sure. The hot sauce line was really bad.

As usual, Democrats continue to practice subtle, patronizing racism, believing all it takes to win over minority voters is to make occasional clumsy nods to “their culture” and letting the media take it from there (mainly by slandering the Republican candidate as a racist).

You Latinos like this song, dontcha? Well ol’ Tio Jose likes this song, too. Vote for me.”

The worst part is that when Democrats do this type of thing, minority voters usually reward them for it.

But this year, I’m not so sure. What Biden did right there is an act of desperation.

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