Biden Was Reading From a Teleprompter During an Interview

He held up a framed picture and it reflected the text of the teleprompter in front of him:

Credit to @mbracemoore on Twitter for this.

Biden is in such bad shape that he has to read off a teleprompter during interviews with sycophantic late night “comics.”

There is zero chance this guy will debate. Unless they have some sort of miracle drug that makes his brain work again. He cannot even speak in impromptu settings.


  1. questionitallblog says:

    If you’ll recall, Hussein who was supposedly of “sound” mind was famous for only reading from teleprompters. Then again, he wasn’t allowed to say anything that wasn’t approved by his Deep State handlers.

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      Obama couldn’t speak without the teleprompters either. Although with him it’s because he was an empty suit and entirely a product of media hype and celebrity propaganda

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