The Reason it’s So Hard for Trump to Drain THe Swamp

The swamp does not wish to be drained. It actively resists being drained. It will not go down without a fight–an ugly, drawn-out fight.

Remember last week when Trump issued an executive order to end the use of “critical race theory” in government employee training programs? Well, the CDC saw that executive order and said, “Nah, we’re good. #OrangeManBad.”

This is from Christopher Rufo, the guy who (most likely) brought the issue of critical race theory to Trump’s attention when he went on Tucker Carlson’s show:

People who are upset by Trump not living up to all of his promises from the 2016 campaign: are you at least willing to admit it might not be as simple as “Trump betrayed us”?

The man is facing widespread and blatant insubordination and disobedience in the ranks. He has been for the past four years. He’s going against most of Congress, as well as most of the executive branch–in addition to the media and the entertainment industry.

He issued his critical race theory executive order, and an agency in the executive branch basically said, “Nah, screw that. We’re gonna still teach our employees to hate white people.”

Anyone who thought the war was won on November 8, 2016 was delusional. Trump winning the election was the start of the war against the Beltway Swamp. It remains ongoing and will continue for a long, long time.

The corruption runs deep in Washington. Very deep.


Now, luckily Rufo stayed vigilant and brought this to the attention of OMB Director Russ Vought who promptly shut down all the CDC’s skullduggery:

But don’t think this will make the Swamp give up. They will never stop trying to undermine, backstab and destroy this President. They believe with all their hearts that they are and should rightfully be completely and totally unaccountable to the will of the voters. They think they’re smarter, better and entitled to rule over us with unfettered and unchecked power. And nothing will change their minds. They have to be rooted out and sent packing–every last one of them.

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