Trump Brokers Historic Middle East Peace Deal, CNN Complains About Crowd Size & Lack of Social Distancing

Today at the White House, President Trump brought together the leaders of Israel, Bahrain and the UAE to sign a major peace deal for the Middle East, which will normalize diplomatic relations between Israel and each of the two Gulf states.

This is, as Joe Biden would say, “a big f*ckin’ deal,” because it is a step closer to peace in the region–well, at least between Israel and its neighbors. The ultimate endgame, I believe, is to get the Saudis to follow suit and establish relations with Israel, because the UAE would not have done this without Saudi approval. This would officially cement an Arab-Israeli alliance against Iran.

It’s not every day you see Arab nations recognizing Israel. They are not exactly fond of one another. It has only happened twice before–with Egypt in 1979 and with Jordan in 1994.

And this is how CNN described the scene at the White House:

It was a “White House Event” with a “large crowd” and “little social distancing.”

Shhh. Nobody tell CNN about BLM’s “large crowds” with “little social distancing.”

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