Hillary: Social Media NEtworks Need to Start Mass Censorship to Save Democracy

Full-blown fascism:

Everything with the Democrats these days is an inversion–the complete and polar opposite of the truth. Hillary says that unless we have mass online censorship by Facebook, Google and Twitter, then we don’t have a democracy. She says we cannot have a democracy and freedom of speech at the same time.

They have labeled any speech that represents a threat to their power as “disinformation” and demand it be banned accordingly. In reality, the so-called “disinformation” and “election-related lies” is the honest truth. It’s the mainstream media that is responsible for “disinformation.”

Hillary and the Democrats love “disinformation.” They rely on it to gain power. It’s the most important thing in the world to them: to ensure people are misinformed by the media, by Hollywood and at school. The truth is the biggest threat to their power, which is why they label it “disinformation.”

Hillary is saying, essentially, that we can either have a democracy, or we can have a Chinese-style censored internet. And she’s in favor of the latter, obviously.

The Democrats are in full-blown panic mode right now. They’re pulling every last thing out of their bag of tricks and trying desperately to save Joe Biden’s campaign.

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