Here we go: yesterday a judge in Pennsylvania “sided with Democrats” and ruled that ballots could be counted up to three days after Election Day:

Democrats in Pennsylvania get three days to forge enough ballots to drag Biden ahead in the state.

And now, this just in, in Michigan, they get two weeks:

Two whole weeks. Hopefully the election is in the bag already and Michigan isn’t a pivotal state, because this situation is completely and totally FUBAR now.

Republicans and Democrats are both accusing each other of planning to steal the election, but the Republican concerns are far more plausible and valid than the Democrats’.

Democrats’ case that the election will be stolen rests on either the oft-repeated “black voter suppression,” which is so stale it has become an election year tradition. They said it in 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004 and even 2000. But this is shown to be nonsense by the fact that the 2020 Trump campaign is making a push for black voters on a scale that no prior Republican presidential campaign has come anywhere close to. Trump’s polling numbers put him on track for the best Republican performance with black voters in four decades. He is constantly touting black job and economic gains that have come under his administration in an effort to cut into the Democrats’ lopsided margins with black voters. “Blexit” isn’t just a Twitter hashtag, it’s a full-fledged, registered 501(c)3 political action organization. Trump is genuinely trying to bring black Americans into the Republican tent in massive numbers.

The other Democratic theory–more like fantasy–is that Trump will simply refuse to leave the White House when he loses, which will then justify a military coup and/or a full-fledged violent revolution in the street. Again, this is all wishful thinking; since November 8, 2016, Democrats have been dreaming of one day seeing Trump arrested and escorted out of the White House in handcuffs. And they will seize on any excuse to riot in the streets.

None of these leftwing election theft theories hold any water. On the other hand, the Republicans are offering a simple, straightforward and plausible theory: that the Democrats are preparing to use unprecedented levels of easily-defrauded and highly fungible universal mail-in voting and post-Election Day ballot harvesting to pull Biden over the finish line once they have an idea of how far behind they are. Democrats are making a push for never-before-seen universal mail-in voting, which is highly susceptible to fraud.

Common sense would tell you that mail-in ballots should have a deadline before Election Day so that we can have a winner declared on Election Day. It’s not like people aren’t aware the election is coming up. People have had years to prepare for this. There is no good reason the deadline for mail-in ballots shouldn’t be a week or even two weeks prior to Election Day.

But there is a bad reason: because allowing ballots to be counted after Election Day allows Democrats to see how many votes they need to fabricate.

They’re setting up the steal before our very eyes and apparently there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Democrats are done with democracy. They’re not taking chances and allowing the people to decide the president ever again.

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