The Democrats’ Court Packing Scheme Will be the Death of America

Knowing full well that they lack any leverage or constitutional avenues to prevent the Republicans from nominating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court replacement, the Democrats have turned to “extra-constitutional” options. Here is what they are planning:

  • Media pressure and slander, on top of Antifa/BLM intimidation of on-the-fence Republican Senators like Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and Cory Gardner. Gardner and Collins are in the middle of tough reelection fights in blue states, however, Romney was just elected to the Senate in 2018 in a deep red state, meaning there’s no political reason for him to torpedo Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. If he does it, he’s doing it because he’s a RINO with a personal vendetta against the President.
  • Threaten to pack the court when they take power again:
  • Not only that, but they’re discussing “adding stars to the flag” by granting statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico, the ultimate goal of which would be four additional Democratic Senators:
  • All they have left is threats like these. Because they lack the means to legitimately prevent Trump from nominating a new Supreme Court justice (read: the votes in the Senate), they must resort to threats of rioting, violence and destroying the constitutional system.
  • Democrats really shouldn’t talk about their devious schemes like this so openly. Republican voters see this and take them at their word, adding an even greater element of urgency to the 2020 election. Prominent Democrats have now gone on record and said that if they have power in 2021, they’re going to nuke the filibuster in the Senate completely (meaning for legislation and not just judicial nominees), they’re going to pack the Supreme Court, and they’re going to grant statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. All three moves would be pure, unambiguous power plays. In other words, the only reason Democrats would make those moves would be to amass more (and permanent) power for themselves. You may have been able to argue that Ginsburg’s death was a blessing for Democrats in that it gave them more reason to get out and vote, but now that energy boost has probably been neutralized by their inability to keep their evil scheming quiet.
  • Court packing destroys the Supreme Court for good. It’s game over. Because once you’ve decided that having nine Supreme Court justices is arbitrary, then any number of justices becomes arbitrary. If they increase it from 9 to 12, then what’s to stop Republicans from increasing it to 15 the next time they get power again? What’s to stop anyone from increasing the Supreme Court to 25? 125? 425? If we’re being honest, the Supreme Court is already just another majoritarian legislative branch like the House and the Senate, but court packing would formalize it. The Democrats are hell-bent on destroying our constitutional form of government in their pursuit of unchecked and permanent power.
  • Court packing also establishes the precedent that if one–or any–institution established by our Constitution is not giving you the results you want, then simply change it until it does. Court packing will give way to Senate packing (by giving Puerto Rico and DC statehood–and then maybe even splitting California into 6 different states). The only principle at work here is power. Any and every governmental body that is not a means for the Democrats to exercise their power must be corrupted and changed into one that is. They have completely given up on the Constitution and democracy.
  • What, at this point, is the upside in sharing a country with the Democrats? What’s the point anymore? What do we gain from it? Can you actually fill in this blank: “We put up with all their bullshit because at least we get _______ out of it?”
  • What is the answer? We know the cons that come with continuing to share a country with the radical left. But what are the pros? Are there even any?
  • The only thing they desire is to subjugate us. They will no longer tolerate us having power at all, ever. So dogmatic and intolerant have they become that they view American government as a one-way street where they are the only ones that get to decide how this country is run and which rules the American people will live under.
  • Everything they have done since the 2016 election has been to overturn its result. The Democrats took the House in 2018 and what did they do with their newfound power? They impeached Trump. That’s it. That was priority #1, and there was no priority #2. All they care about is retaking power, and once they do, their priority will shift to ensuring they never lose it again.
  • They no longer even attempt to appeal to voters over matters of policy. Their only concern is getting rid of Trump. They appeal only to those voters who have already been brainwashed against Trump to the point of hysteria–he’s a Fascist! He’s a Nazi! He’s Hitler incarnate! There is no “this is how we’ll help you and your family.” The Democrats are the party of People Who Hate Donald Trump, and nothing more. If you’re not already on board with that, then they have nothing to offer you.
  • Underpinning that is the fact that our visions for the country are so radically different. Elections feel like they are so important now because losing represents no less than the complete and total destruction of your side’s way of life. Both sides are of the mindset that “If we lose this election, they are going to come after everything that we hold dear.” The fact that this fear pervades both sides of the political spectrum nowadays is a problem in and of itself, but compounding the problem is the fact that it’s actually warranted on the right: the left really does want to destroy our way of life.
  • Notice that everything Trump and the Republicans seek to accomplish amounts to nothing more than simply rolling back the left’s political and cultural victories over the past 50 years. Securing the porous border and reforming our horrible immigration system. Repealing Obamacare. Overturning Roe v. Wade. Bringing balance to our trade policies and stopping the mass outsourcing of American labor. Ending the endless wars (although lots of Republican neocons were heavily complicit in this). Bringing law and order back to our cities. There’s plenty more I could list but you get the picture. The common denominator for virtually everything the right seeks to do today is undoing the damage the Democrats (and the neocon Republicans) have done to this country since the 1960s.
  • Libertarians and traditional conservatives would argue that the only solution is basically neutering the federal government and empowering states and local governments to have more power. They would say that when millions and millions of people have full-fledged mental breakdowns because they believe an 87 year old judge that died was the only thing standing between them and a right-wing hell on earth, then maybe it means the federal government (the Supreme Court in particular) has far too much power. And they’re right about this: the federal government does have way too much power. And this is the source of the anxiety and hyperpartisanship tearing our country apart currently. If the federal government did not have so much power and influence over our lives, then having control of it would not feel like a matter of life and death.
  • But the problem is that Democrats don’t believe in limited government and federalism. They want the Beltway Behemoth to have unlimited and unchecked power. This is because they don’t believe in “live and let live,” they believe everyone should live under their values. They will settle for nothing less than turning the whole entire country into a communist utopia. They want the whole country to be Portland. They are not okay with letting, say, Alabama outlaw abortion and gay marriage.
  • While Republicans mostly want to be left alone–and at the very most just not live under radical leftwing and Establishment policies–the Democrats have turned into a religious cult which views virtually every political issue as part of a larger holy war. They believe it’s their mission to “reeducate” and enlighten the redneck bumpkins in the flyover states. They have become evangelists with a “convert or die” mentality. They are not even close to content with just the big cities being far-left havens amid a sea of rural red. Even though most Democrats rarely ever even get out to flyover country, they still want the people who live in flyover country to live under the same (im)moral value system as Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. I’m telling you: the only thing that explains this insatiable desire to rule over every aspect of the lives of complete strangers is that politics has filled the void left by the secular left’s rejection of Christianity. Leftism has become their religion.
  • Ironically, the Democrats claim to be the party of diversity yet they are the ones who want every last person in America to live under the same exact policies and (im)moral values. Diversity to them only means “fewer white people.” They do not want to live in a country where the states, and even local jurisdictions, have near-complete autonomy over the policies that shape their citizens’ lives. What if, for example, we repealed the 16th Amendment, which was passed in 1913 and granted the federal government the power to levy an income tax? After all, without the ability to fund itself to the tune of over $4 trillion per year, then most of the federal government’s power goes away. What if we repealed the 16th amendment and allowed state–or better yet, local governments–full autonomy over tax policies? That way, leftwingers in Portland and NYC could have socialist-level tax rates to fund whatever insane social engineering they please. And people in Texas could have near-nonexistent tax rates.
  • But that just won’t fly with leftists. They take pleasure in using red-staters’ tax dollars to pay for abortions. They want to rip your guns out of your hands even though you live 2,000 miles away and represent zero threat to them personally. They are militant Leftwing Supremacists who believe with all their hearts that not only is their way the “right way,” but that everyone else must be forced to live that way. They could not be content living under Full Blown Communism in San Francisco while knowing that there’s people in Nebraska who aren’t living under Full Blown Communism. They just have an insatiable need to control other people’s lives. And so because of this the “non-aggression principle” and federalism simply don’t work. The Republicans can govern under the ideals of limited government and federal deference to state/local power, but they will always be losing if the Democrats don’t govern under those same ideals at all times. When the left gains power, it will move the country further to the left. But when the small-government right gains power, the only thing it will do is simply not push the country further to the left. Therefore, the only thing the right will represent is a momentary pause in the neverending leftward shift.
  • The right has to be aggressive and proactive and willing to push the country to the right. It has to be self-confident enough to impose its values on the rest of the country. The only way to stop the country from moving inexorably and continually to the left is to actually move it to the right when you have the power to do so. This is why limited government and libertarianism don’t work: because the left wins by default simply by not abiding by the non-aggression principle and “live and let live.” Even if Republicans somehow were able to massively diminish the power of the federal government and return power to states and localities, the Democrats would have every incentive to return power to the federal government and rule the whole country from Washington. We would have to trust that they wouldn’t, even though we know they want to.
  • I don’t know what the solution is. But I do know that court packing will only make things worse. Significantly worse. Their unquenchable thirst for permanent and unchecked power will destroy this country.
  • Maybe this is simply the inevitable end-game of two-party politics. Maybe this is the predictable result of splitting the country into two intractable and eternally opposed factions. Maybe this is the inherent and ultimately fatal flaw written into the DNA of representative democracies. I do know that the Establishment very much likes the two party system because it keeps the masses fighting among one another, rather than united against the Establishment.
  • Maybe this is how the American Republic goes the way of the Roman Republic and gives way to our own Caesar.

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