Police ***DID*** Knock and Announce Their Presence Before Breonna Taylor Raid

Kentucky’s Attorney General confirms:

They continually whine about the “spread of misinformation” and Republicans being so misinformed yet they’re the ones destroying the city of Louisville because they consume nothing but fake news.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many problems in this country would immediately vanish if liberals just stopped believing fake news?

There is nothing worse than a person that not only believes fake news, but then gets extremely outraged and indignant and self-righteous over the fake news.

BLM’s continued existence relies entirely on liberals’ propensity to believe fake news, and to be extremely outraged by it.

Breonna Taylor was not shot in her sleep. It was not a “no-knock raid.” The police announced their presence, so the claim that the police were only fired upon because they were mistaken for burglars does not hold up.

She was killed because her boyfriend started shooting at the police police when they busted into the home. In no way did she deserve to die, it’s an unfortunate situation no doubt. But to say that Taylor was a victim of “police racism” is a flat-out lie.

This was a state investigation, too. It was handled by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office, not the Louisville Police Department. Here are more relevant details:

Cameron convened a special press conference to announce the grand jury’s decision, and to answer journalists’ questions. After expressing his condolences to Taylor’s family, Cameron explained that the officers who had shot Taylor would not be charged because they had been fired upon first, and because her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, testified that they had knocked first.

Cameron noted that the three officers had been asked to serve the search warrant but had not been involved in the investigation leading to it being issued.

“Evidence shows that officers both knocked an announced their presence at the apartment,” Cameron said. He said that had been corroborated by testimony from an independent witness who was nearby.

As Breitbart News reported in July, although the officers had been granted a “no-knock” warrant, Mattingly told investigators that police had decided to knock anyway. His account was corroborated by Walker’s own account of events.

Mattingly was hit by a bullet from Walter’s gun, and was not hit by “friendly fire.” He returned fire, as did Cosgrove. Taylor was ultimately hit by six bullets, according to Cameron. The FBI concluded that the fatal shot had been fired by Cosgrove.

“Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after being fired upon by Kenneth Walker,” he said.

Cameron urged those listening to him to note the tragedy of the situation: “A human life was lost, and we cannot forget that.”

Unfortunately this is not going to matter at all to the people who want to believe the police are racist, want to believe they’re heroes working to overthrow a corrupt and RACIST system, and want to loot and burn.

The results of this investigation should be good news to the people who claim to be most concerned about “police racism” because the investigation found that the police were justified in their actions, and that this wasn’t a product of police racism. But of course the people who claim to want to end police racism in reality just want to riot. When any investigation of a police shooting of a black person concludes the police were justified, they simply claim “the system” is covering for police and use it as even further justification to Burn, Loot and Murder.

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