Now That The American Public Has Accepted Covid Lockdowns, the Left Wants “Climate Lockdowns”

We gave them the power to shut down the whole country indefinitely because we believed them when they said, “Covid is an emergency, so we need emergency powers.”

Well, now they’ve figured out that their emergency powers can be permanent if they keep finding new “emergencies”.

Next up: lockdowns to stop “climate change”:

In the “near future” she says.

Via the incomparable Ace of Spades:

The paranoids out there who said that this was always the left’s gameplan? That the whole “covid lockdown” gambit was just a trial run for a permanent police state lockdown of the population?

(A lockdown for all but the high officials of the Inner Party, that is.)

Those who said the game was always to free prisoners and imprison free men?

Collect your winnings.

You were 100% right.

The government will always find a way to make permanent temporary expansions of its power.

You might think it sounds crazy to suggest, but a year ago would you have believed any of this would be happening right now? Would you have believed you wouldn’t be able to enter a store without a facemask?

“But climate change isn’t even real!” we’d protest.


Covid is basically the flu, and the country has been shut down for 6 months because of it.

Don’t underestimate them. They’ll do it.

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