The Whole Point of Everything That Has Happened This Year

It is literal torture:

They want you to be miserable. They want you to blame it on Trump. And they want you to vote for Biden to make it stop.

2020 is America’s punishment for going off the script in 2016 and not voting for the candidates we were told to vote for: Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

The Uniparty had a very good thing going for many years, and they blame us for ruining it for them by putting Trump in the White House.

They had it all figured out: every four years the American people would be forced to choose between two presidential candidates who were both on board with the Uniparty Agenda: endless foreign wars, increasing reliance on China, unchecked mass illegal immigration, strip-mining the economy, deep state/bureaucratic rule, etc.

It felt like the candidates were radically different—Romney vs. Obama, McCain vs. Obama, Bush vs. Kerry, Bush vs. Gore—but in reality they were largely the same. The only thing the Republicans would do differently from the Democrats was cut taxes. That’s it.

The gravy train would continue no matter who was in the White House. They had it all figured out. Until 2016.

Since then it has been a nonstop scramble for the Uniparty to get things back to normal. One made-up scandal after another to try to get Trump out of office.

The grand finale has been 2020: they deliberately took a wrecking ball to the US economy with the forced lockdowns over a virus no different from the flu. They orchestrated mass chaos and riots in the cities that have lasted for months.

All of it is designed to psychologically torture you. You’re supposed to blame it all on Trump, even though it was all planned and executed by the people that hate Trump.

That’s how you get tweets like the one above. The Uniparty’s psychological warfare has worked to perfection on that guy and the 200k people that liked the tweet.

Just make it stop! I’ll vote for Biden, I’ll do whatever you want! Just let me go back to my normal life!”

Biden even acknowledged as much:

Translation: does anyone believe my stormtroopers will stop the mayhem and violence if you guys re-elect Trump?

The message is loud and clear: “Only I have the power to call off the dogs.”

The only way out of this nightmare is to return power back to its rightful owners: the Uniparty.

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