CIA Analysts in 2016 Thought Russia Preferred Clinton to Trump, But Their Report Was Changed by Former CIA Director John Brennan

The coup continues to unravel. Via Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations:

Former CIA Director John Brennan personally edited a crucial section of the intelligence report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and assigned a political ally to take a lead role in writing it after career analysts disputed Brennan’s take that Russian leader Vladimir Putin intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump clinch the White House, according to two senior U.S. intelligence officials who have seen classified materials detailing Brennan’s role in drafting the document.

The explosive conclusion Brennan inserted into the report was used to help justify continuing the Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation, which had been launched by the FBI in 2016. It was picked up after the election by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who in the end found no proof that Trump or his campaign conspired with Moscow.

The Obama administration publicly released a declassified version of the report — known as the “Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent Elections (ICA)” — just two weeks before Trump took office, casting a cloud of suspicion over his presidency. Democrats and national media have cited the report to suggest Russia influenced the 2016 outcome and warn that Putin is likely meddling again to reelect Trump.

The ICA is a key focus of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing investigation into the origins of the “collusion” probe. He wants to know if the intelligence findings were juiced for political purposes.

RealClearInvestigations has learned that one of the CIA operatives who helped Brennan draft the ICA, Andrea Kendall-Taylor, financially supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign and is a close colleague of Eric Ciaramellaidentified last year by RCI as the Democratic national security “whistleblower” whose complaint led to Trump’s impeachment, ending in Senate acquittal in January.

Major conflicts of interest here.

The two officials said Brennan, who openly supported Clinton during the campaign, excluded conflicting evidence about Putin’s motives from the report, despite objections from some intelligence analysts who argued Putin counted on Clinton winning the election and viewed Trump as a “wild card.”

The dissenting analysts found that Moscow preferred Clinton because it judged she would work with its leaders, whereas it worried Trump would be too unpredictable. As secretary of state, Clinton tried to “reset” relations with Moscow to move them to a more positive and cooperative stage, while Trump campaigned on expanding the U.S. military, which Moscow perceived as a threat.

These same analysts argued the Kremlin was generally trying to sow discord and disrupt the American democratic process during the 2016 election cycle. They also noted that Russia tried to interfere in the 2008 and 2012 races, many years before Trump threw his hat in the ring.

“They complained Brennan took a thesis [that Putin supported Trump] and decided he was going to ignore dissenting data and exaggerate the importance of that conclusion, even though they said it didn’t have any real substance behind it,” said a senior U.S intelligence official who participated in a 2018 review of the spycraft behind the assessment, which President Obama ordered after the 2016 election.

But of course, Brennan had an election to overturn on behalf of the Beltway Uniparty.

Anyone following this story from day one knew it was obviously BS that Putin preferred Donald “America First” Trump over Hillary Clinton, the swamp creature par excellence who had repeatedly cozied up to foreign countries in exchange for cash. America’s ruling class of the past 30 years–which Clinton is an inner-circle member of–has continually sold out America and pursued policies which were good for the Ruling Class’s collective net worth, but terrible for the American people themselves.

Donald Trump was the candidate in 2016 promising to restore America’s place in the world, unleash American oil drilling and energy production (something that directly harms Russia’s oil-dependent economy) and renegotiate all of our trade agreements to be more in our favor.

I’ll put it in even simpler terms, who do you think our foreign rivals would support for President: a globalist or a nationalist?

Of course Russia preferred Hillary. They would be able to continue taking advantage of America with Hillary in office, because Hillary doesn’t care about America.

But John Brennan had a narrative to push, so he did.

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