We Must Restore Law and Order in this Country, But *Not* By Any Means Necessary

I came across this interesting quote today and it really made me rethink my position on the rioting. This was written in 1971 but it could have been written yesterday:

I wrote last week that if we continue to see all the mobs and their rioting and “protesting”, and nothing is ever done about it, then eventually we’re going to live under a dictatorship. Eventually the normal people will get radicalized in their desperation and clamor for order to be restored by any means necessary.

Once we become desperate enough that we want the riots stopped by any means necessary, we are in trouble.

What we need is for Democratic mayors to let law enforcement enforce the law and maintain order. We need the media to stop running PR for the rioters.

Otherwise we’re going to end up living in a police state. We scoff at the brainwashed leftists who are willing to give up their freedoms over Covid, but our side seems to be, if not ready, then at least warming to the idea of trading our liberties for an end to the riots and chaos.

We can’t let this happen. As bad as the riots are, they’re not as bad as living under a full-blown police state.

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