Month: October 2020

Google Is A Joke

Trump just announced he’s doing a rally in Kenosha this Monday. It’s only an hour from where I live and I figure this might be my last chance to experience a Trump rally in person, so I’m going.

I wanted to see how early I should arrive to give myself the best chance of getting in, so I looked on DuckDuckGo and found some decent answers but nothing really definitive.

Then I tried Google and these were the search results:

It’s a neverending stream of negativity.

Google really, really does not want you to go to a Trump rally.


Can they be any more obvious about it?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Google was trying to interfere in the election, which the media has told me is the worst thing ever.

Just to compare, I looked up “how to attend a Biden rally”:

Several helpful articles, naturally.

They even promoted an article that makes excuses for Biden’s pathetic rallies 😂.

It’s relentless. They are mobilizing anything and everything to try and drag Biden over the finish line.

Biden’s Lead in Florida Gets Even Smaller

On Wednesday, Biden’s early-vote lead in Florida 204k.

Yesterday it was 163k.

Today at around 7:15 eastern time, it is down to 114k:

While Dems could have a late push in these last few days, the trend has been strong towards Trump all week long. Biden’s lead went down by almost 50k just today alone.

Florida is in the bag for Trump, and the Dems know it.

Justice Department Investigating New York Nursing Home Deaths, Suspecting Under-Reporting

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, the self-righteous douchebag who runs the jurisdiction with the highest per-million Covid deaths on the planet, and who wrote a book celebrating himself for his supposed “leadership” during the Covid-19 Crisis, is now being investigated by the DoJ for under-reporting the number of nursing home Covid deaths–which, of course, were caused by his borderline-criminal decision to force them to accept Covid patients.

From the NY Post:

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is requesting more data on COVID-19 deaths linked to New York nursing homes after receiving figures that indicate a significant under-count of deaths at publicly run nursing homes in the state.

The Justice Department’s civil division on Tuesday night requested from state officials data on deaths linked to New York’s more than 1,000 private nursing homes.

New York records provided in response to an August Justice Department inquiry indicated that a quarter of deaths in the state’s roughly two dozen public nursing homes weren’t disclosed to federal health officials, administration sources said.

New York indicated that about 400 residents of the state’s public facilities died from COVID-19, according to federal sources, who said that state facilities had only disclosed about 300 deaths to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In total, the New York Health Department publicly reports about 6,720 deaths from the serious respiratory bug in nursing homes and adult-care facilities. But the true scope of New York’s tragic toll in nursing homes is expected to be much higher.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has angrily denied accusations that a March 25 state rule barring nursing homes from turning away coronavirus-positive patients contributed significantly to New York’s 33,000 COVID-19 deaths.

But it did. It obviously did. Coronavirus almost exclusively kills the elderly and infirm, and the Wiseguy Governor was apparently not Wise enough to understand that.

That, or he just panicked and didn’t have a plan.

That’s real #Leadership, folks.

James Rosen: FBI Has been Investigating Hunter Biden Since 2019

Do we really expect anything to come of this, though?

This person on Twitter brings up a great point:

This is why I don’t have high hopes for the Hunter investigation–or literally anything the FBI does.

When has any corrupt Democrat ever been brought to justice in this country? The answer is never.

The FBI is not going to bail us out. They are not going to bring the Democratic Crime Syndicate to justice. If anything they’re working on covering this up. What do you think is more likely: the FBI indicts the Bidens, or the FBI makes an announcement saying they’ve conducted a full investigation and cleared the Bidens of wrongdoing?

You know the answer.

The best we can do is vote and send the Bidens packing. The American people are the last line of defense.

Always have been, always will be.

Biden’s Lead in Florida Continues to Shrink

Yesterday I wrote about how Trump already has Florida in the bag because the early voting numbers that have come in for Biden thus far have not been anywhere near as strong as he needs them to be. Yesterday night at this time, Biden’s lead was around 204k.

24 hours later, it’s even lower–just 163k votes overall:

Again, this is in-person early votes + votes by mail.

Democrats are getting the vast majority of their votes this year early, and specifically by mail, while Trump will win election day by a significant margin.

Democrats are afraid of the virus and are all-in on mail-in voting. They are badgering their voters daily to vote early by mail. They don’t have much left coming in for them on election day.

A lead of 163k votes is not going to cut it. Trump will more than make that up on election day. Add on to this the fact that Biden’s lead shrank by about 40,000 votes in one day (about 20%!) and it’s pretty clear: Florida is in the bag for Team Trump.

Glenn Greenwald Resigns From “The Intercept”–A Website He Founded–Because They tried to Censor His Article About The Biden Emails

At this point I think it’s safe to say that a majority of the profession of “journalism” is fully against the idea of free speech.

Here’s what Greenwald wrote:

Today I sent my intention to resign from The Intercept, the news outlet I co-founded in 2013 with Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras, as well as from its parent company First Look Media.

The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.

The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct. Not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlet I co-founded, these Intercept editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication.

I had no objection to their disagreement with my views of what this Biden evidence shows: as a last-ditch attempt to avoid being censored, I encouraged them to air their disagreements with me by writing their own articles that critique my perspectives and letting readers decide who is right, the way any confident and healthy media outlet would. But modern media outlets do not air dissent; they quash it. So censorship of my article, rather than engagement with it, was the path these Biden-supporting editors chose.

There are two possibilities for why “journalists” have turned against free speech so hard:

  1. Because “journalists” are so thoroughly brainwashed and delusional they believe Trump is a mortal threat to mankind and stopping him requires full-blown censorship of any and all information that could potentially sink Joe Biden’s campaign.
  2. Or, they know that Trump is not actually a threat to all mankind, but instead a threat to the entrenched ruling elite that these “journalists” have now become propagandists for, so they merely pretend their censorship is to Save Mankind From Trump.

In other words, either they’re dumb, or evil.

Take your pick.

Glenn Greenwald has been one of the few leftists to actually maintain his honesty and dedication to the truth during the Trump-era. Other notables include Tim Pool, Matt Taibbi and Michael Tracey.

They have not become conservatives, but merely remain dedicated to what liberalism used to stand for: anti-war, free speech, individual liberties and anti-establishment. The problem for them is that the modern left and the Democratic Party have completely abandoned all that stuff.

Their hatred of Trump overrides every prior concern they once had, there is no price they are not willing to pay to “Stop Trump,” even if it means killing free speech within the media.

Greenwald will soon publish his article on Joe Biden, he says. I look forward to it and will probably comment on it here when I get a chance to review it.

Finally, ask yourself this: would “journalists” be this desperate to stop all the stories about the Bidens’ corruption if they were confident in Biden’s chances to win the election?

Borat 2 Review: The Most Blatant Political Propaganda Ever Made in the U.S.

The film being released little more than a week prior to election day was the giveaway:

  • The plot of the film is for Borat to deliver his 15-year-old daughter to Vice President Mike Pence in order to hopefully buy favor with the “Strongman,” Donald Trump, for Kazakhstan. But the whole point of the movie is to expose just how wretched and horrible Trump voters are.
  • He goes to CPAC, but he can’t get in so he has to wear a disguise. What disguise does he choose? KKK robes. Because all conservatives are in the KKK, everyone knows that. He must not have gotten the response he wanted because he quickly moves off of that “gag.” I’m sure he was hoping to catch even one person at the event reacting favorably to his Klan outfit so that he could portray that person as the typical CPAC attendee.
  • Republicans are the butt of virtually every joke in the movie.
  • There are three Americans that Borat and his daughter encounter in their travels that do not come off looking like knuckle-dragging morons: a black woman who inspires his daughter to become a feminist, and two older Jewish ladies who convince Borat that the Holocaust was real.
  • The climax of the movie is when his daughter pretends to be a journalist and interviews Rudy Giuliani. I guess he came off as kind of sleazy, sure, but she definitely coaxed him in to a lot of that stuff. And the editing of course made him look even sleazier. Then the supposedly most controversial part of the movie was when they “caught” him tucking in his shirt and tried to make it seem like he was jerkin’ it. The whole point of the scene was to make him look like a dirtbag, and I guess they kind of succeeded. At least they’ll have that scene to hang their hats on over the next four years of Trump.
  • It ends with Borat becoming a feminist. Seriously.
  • I understood most of the references in the movie, but that’s because I’m on Twitter for several hours a day. The movie’s target audience is blue check political journalists who spend all day on Twitter. That’s where most of the quips and jokes originate. I watched the movie with some friends who aren’t on Twitter and I don’t think they picked up on half the jokes. It was honestly pretty cringy because so much of those “references” are based off of Fake News.
  • The movie makes crystal clear that in today’s America, the only people that are not off-limits for Hollywood to make fun of are Trump voters, and Southerners more generally (who are of course presumed to be Trump voters). It’s due to both Hollywood fully embracing the role of state propaganda department, and the fact that Trump voters are the only people that will not throw a hissy fit and try to get the movie banned.
  • At the end of the movie, Borat’s village in Kazakhstan changes the “Running of the Jew” parade to the “Running of the American,” and the Americans are, of course, Trump voters. The female one, “Karen,” shoots Dr. Fauci with a gun she bought at Walmart. Yeah, very subtle.
  • As the movie ends, the words “NOW GO VOTE” appear on screen, as if it wasn’t already abundantly obvious what the whole point of the movie was.

There were some genuinely funny apolitical moments in the movie, though. In fact the non-political jokes were–shocker–the funniest ones.

I didn’t get offended or upset over the movie. Partly because I’m not a liberal snowflake, but mostly because the whole thing was kind of pathetic, honestly. It was trying way too hard to be mean to Republicans; it was very on-the-nose. It seemed kinda desperate.

You can’t make comedy when you’re Angry As F*ck. It’s hard to be funny when your primary motive is hatred, rather than making people laugh.