Trump Has COVID. What Now?

  • A virus from China, which has been called a manmade bioweapon by some, has infected the US President. The Prime Minister of Britain was also infected over the summer, as was the President of Brazil. The media will never portray the story from this perspective but the geopolitical angle should not be overlooked. As Americans we should be pissed that China, whether due to nefarious scheming or incompetence, has jeopardized the life of our nation’s leader.
  • The Democrats are going to screw themselves over by publicly being as nasty and insane as ever. “Trump deserved it”-media takes, publicly hoping the virus takes his life, and other forms of nastiness from the Democrats and their media arm will backfire on them big time. Most Americans just aren’t as rabid and consumed with Trump hatred as they are.
  • After he survives the virus he can and will reveal he was taking Hydroxychloroquine and credit it with his recovery. At this point there’s no way the media can continue saying “HCQ DOESN’T WORK!” “NO EVIDENCE!” “TRUST THE SCIENTISTS!” The only thing they’ll be able to claim is that Trump lied about having the virus. But if Trump says he took HCQ it undercuts virtually all the media’s opposition to it. Trump isn’t trying to poison people, he’s putting his money where his mouth is.
  • Trump can use it as a reason to urge the states to reopen sooner. “Hey, I’ve had it. It’s not that bad. We don’t need to shut the whole country down for months because of this.” Of course the media would flip out and shriek that Trump had a mild case and that we still need to shut the whole country down because some people have more severe cases. But a message like this from Trump would resonate with the people: it would symbolize the nation overcoming the virus and turning the page.
  • It forces the media to stop all the “Trump refused to condemn white supremacists!!!” crap.
  • I’m telling you, the media and the Dems’ coordinated talking points are going to be this: “This is what Trump gets for downplaying the virus and not taking it seriously!” Even though this is completely false, this is what they’re going to say. The New York Times has already set the narrative:

I really don’t know what else to say other than I hope the President and his wife recover quickly.

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    God bless and keep our President and First Lady in His care!

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