Michigan Supreme Court Rules Governor Has No Authority to Continue Indefinite State of Emergency

It’s concerning that this court decision was so close, 4-3:

The governor does not have authority under either of the state’s emergency statutes to continue the coronavirus state of emergency, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in questions related to a federal case on Friday.

Two laws — the Emergency Management Act from 1976 and the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act from 1945 — govern how states of emergency are declared and handled in Michigan.

Neither, the court found, gave Gov. Gretchen Whitmer the authority to continue declaring states of emergency or issuing unilateral orders under them past April 30, when her initial declaration would have expired.

“We conclude that the Governor lacked the authority to declare a ‘state of emergency’ or a ‘state of disaster’ under the EMA after April 30, 2020, on the basis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we conclude that the EPGA is in violation of the Constitution of our state because it purports to delegate to the executive branch the legislative powers of state government– including its plenary police powers-– and to allow the exercise of such powers indefinitely,” wrote Justice Stephen J. Markman in the majority opinion.

It’s concerning that 3 of the 7 judges on the Michigan Supreme Court believe the governor should be able to declare an indefinite state of emergency.

“But COVID is just so scary and dangerous! Quick, give the government unlimited power forever!”

When they wrote these “emergency powers” laws back in the day, they deliberately made sure the emergency powers couldn’t be used indefinitely. They knew what they were doing.

Things are changing in this country now. It feels like the Covid Bullshit has just about run its course. 6.5 months of lockdown is enough.

But there are still plenty of people out there–aka Democrats–who are still terrified of THE VIRUS 😱.

Get a load of this brainwashed lib:

✅ Biden Harris 2020 profile pic

✅ Named Kym with a “y”

✅ Blames “science-denying folks”

✅ Believes masks work

✅ Use of the word “hubby”

✅ Has consumed so much media fear porn she won’t leave her house until there’s a vaccine, even after 6 months of this already.

This woman is such a protoypical lib I almost wondered if it’s a parody account, but she’s for real.

“HUBBY and I will be indoors until there’s a vaccine, WON’T WE, honey?”

*Beaten-down, emasculated beta-male husband: “Y-yes, dear.”

Oy vey.

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