California Governor: Keep Your Mask On In Between Bites When You’re Eating

This is real. Because SCIENCE!

This is the Party of Science, people.

They’re the ones who Believe In Science.

They’re way smarter than us. Our small, right-wing brains simply cannot comprehend the rationale behind how masks work and theoretically stop the spread of Covid-19, the most dangerous virus in world history.

Of course, the helpful graphic says “minimize the number of times you take your mask off,” yet following their advice and putting your mask on after every bite of food is literally maximizing the number of times you take your mask off. Because you have to take it off to have another bite of your food. And then put it on again. And then take it off again. And then put it on again.

Over the past 6-7 months of Covid, lots of Democrats have come to believe that they’re Super Geniuses for telling everyone to wear a mask, as if it’s some extremely complex, high-level science. “Believe the SCIENCE, wear a mask! SCIENCE!” They now view the simple act of wearing a mask a sign of their own moral and intellectual superiority. They wear the masks because they Believe In Science, and they’re quite smug about reminding us of that.

But what about the science that says our natural propensity for constantly touching and fiddling with our masks might actually make wearing a mask more dangerous than not wearing one, because you’re bringing your dirty hands into contact with your face more often than you otherwise would?

Or that non-medical cloth masks–which were never intended to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases–are largely ineffective against the tiny Covid-19 particles which can easily slip through the mask?

On March 8 of this year, Anthony Fauci himself said that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask” because a. you’re going to be fiddling with it and touching it which could inadvertently lead to infection, and b. they’re really only meant for medical patients and medical workers.

Around the same time, the US Surgeon General urged people to “STOP BUYING MASKS!” and not just because we needed to make sure there were enough for hospital workers: he said it’s because they don’t work.

Lots of people are under the mistaken impression that top government officials were initially telling people not to buy and wear masks solely because they wanted to avoid a shortage of masks for medical professionals. While both Fauci and the Surgeon General did mention that as a reason they were advising against masks, they both also went as far as to say wearing a mask is not going to make much of a difference in keeping you healthy.

As with just about everything the Democrats say nowadays, the “Believe in Science, Wear a Mask” propaganda is an inversion; in reality it’s little more than pseudoscience. The masks are for mentally reassuring the gullible, Fake News-Watching masses, not stopping the spread of the virus.

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