The Media Went Through the Full Cycle of Emotions Over Trump’s Covid Diagnosis This Weekend

It started with glee:


Other lefties predictably claimed that Trump got Covid because he didn’t worship SCIENCE enough:

Then they let their imaginations run wild with rampant speculation over Trump’s supposedly rapidly deteriorating health, which–shocker–turned out to be no more than wishful thinking. CNN, unable to hide their excitement, immediately began talking about the Presidential line of succession:

New York Times did its best to create the narrative that Trump was fighting for his life:

His doctors were said to be “throwing the kitchen sink at him” and taking measures which were usually “reserved for patients severely affected by the coronavirus.”

Then, when Trump recovered quickly, they found new problems to shriek about, such as the deeply problematic problem of Trump…. STANDING ON A BALCONY!

Mussolini also stood on balconies!

It’s confirmed. Fascists stand on balconies and Trump stood on a balcony, therefore Trump is a fascist.

They also criticized him for removing his mask once he got home–which virtually everyone in this country does, but apparently it’s RECKLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE when Trump does it:

“Strongly medicated” as if he was acting erratically because of drugs. That’s what they’re implying here.

But the last part of the CNN tweet reveals their true intentions here: keeping people terrified of Covid.

Because one of the first things Trump did after getting home was record a video in which he says, multiple times, “don’t let the virus dominate your life,” in other words don’t live in fear of it. He said it’s time to get this country back open and back to work, and that’s the media’s real fear: that Trump, having had and survived the virus, now fully realizes what a media-driven scam this entire year has been.

He tweeted about it this morning and Twitter censored him:

So to recap, Trump was diagnosed with Covid on Thursday night, and then the media spent the whole weekend spreading wild claims that he was fighting for his life, as if simply reporting it would somehow magically make it true. Then, when Trump returned back home on Monday after a few days in the hospital, the media frantically tried to call him a fascist because he stood on a balcony and saluted Marine One as it departed the White House lawn.

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