Trump Rejects Dem “Stimulus” Proposal

This was the Democrats’ intent, of course. Get Trump to refuse the proposal so that they could make him look like a heartless asshole a month before the election.

The media, of course, will run with whatever the Democrats say, because they always report on every story with the assumption that the Democrats are the Good Guys and the Republicans are the Bad Guys. But I’m sure they won’t mention the fact that the Democrats loaded this bill up in bad faith with pork, handouts and radical left wish-list items deliberately so that Trump would reject it and they could portray him as not showing leadership or leaving the American people out to dry, or whatever.

The Democrats are flipping out, of course. Without trillions of dollars in “stimulus” every few months, the country is going to completely implode! We need stimulus! The economy can’t survive without it!

You know what would be great for the economy? Re-opening it.

But if we did that, the Beltway Swamp wouldn’t have an excuse to pass multitrillion-dollar pork and handout spending packages disguised as “stimulus.”

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