Hollywood Celebrities Get Naked In Lame, Weird “PSA” On Mail-in Voting

Is it me or did Hollywood get really uncool in the past 5 years or so?

I watched the stupid video so you don’t have to. It’s a bunch of people you don’t want to see naked, naked. It’s very strange and gross. I guess there’s something called a “naked ballot” in the state of Pennsylvania where if you don’t put your ballot into and envelope, and that envelope into a larger envelope, it doesn’t count. So I guess it kinda makes sense. But it’s still really dumb.

They do that really annoying thing where they Repeat.



Whatever the person in front of them said.

The link is here if you wish to subject yourself to it. But it’s a minute and 49 seconds you won’t be able to get back.

James Woods is spot-on here, though: these people are totally full of it.

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