The media is Nothing if Not Predictable: PEnce Accused of “Mansplaining” in Debate

They were always going to play this card no matter what happened in the debate. It’s why they invented the term “mansplaining” in the first place:

So this “man” that Andre Mitchell claims to know really believes that Kamala Harris’ finest moment in the debate was when she scolded Pence like child? She won the debate by being a nagging Karen?

There was literally nothing Mike Pence could’ve done or said during that debate that wouldn’t have been characterized as “mansplaining” by the media. This was the plan all along.

The Vice President is probably the most calm, even-keeled, polite and inoffensive person in national politics. And yet the media is still trying to portray him as a barking, domineering, sexist pig.

It’s laughable.

Look out everybody, we got a confirmed Woman Respecter over here!

Because all women in this country are battered down and muzzled and are never allowed to speak at all, and men just dominate them 24/7.

Does anyone who has ever met a woman believe this?

They act like it’s 1920 and anytime a woman talks out of turn she catches a backhand.

As with every narrative the left pushes, the whole “Women Aren’t Even Allowed to Speak in America” stuff couldn’t be further from the truth. Lots of women–especially the liberal ones on TV–do nothing but talk. And scold. And lecture. And complain. And above all, try to get people they dislike silenced.

It’s amazing how Kamala Harris can flip the switch from Strong, Independent, Cackling Shrew to timid, meek, battered Amish spouse.

Must be nice to be a Democratic Woman: any time a man disagrees with you his argument is invalidated on grounds that he’s “mansplaining” by “allies” like Karen Stephanopolous:

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