Yelp to Begin Labeling “Racist” Restaurants and Businesses

This will not end well:

It just got even easier to destroy a business’ reputation.

This is the worst possible power to give a whole generation of people who have been trained to be obsessed with “fighting racism.” When you’re told your whole life that society is racist against you, you’re going to perceive every little slight as proof of society’s racism.

Didn’t get the job? Racism!

Bad service? Racism!

Someone was a dick to you? Racism!

This is now Yelp’s official policy.

Do the establishments accused of being racist have a say in the matter? How is Yelp going to verify all this?

The foundation of our country’s legal system is “innocent until proven guilty,” but that’s completely out the window now. Big Tech can destroy your life without you ever getting a day in court.

Hell, what’s stopping groups like Antifa and BLM from straight up extorting businesses by threatening to accuse them of racism?

This is going to be disastrous for society. Yelp is empowering the worst people in society–Yelpers–to conduct Racism Witch Hunts.

How is it that the less racist America gets over time, the more obsessed we are with racism?


  1. I think Yelp is racist.

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      How do we give Yelp a racism badge?

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