Chart: Stark Divide Between Dems and Republicans on Coronavirus Fears

Via Gallup:

77% of Democratic men are worried about getting Covid, compared to 20% of Republican men.

80% of Democratic women are worried, vs. 29% of Republican women.

Only 5% of Dem men and 3% of Dem women are ready to return to normal, compared to 64% of GOP men and 54% of GOP women.

This is truly an incredible divide. Democrats are terrified of the coronavirus.

This probably has a lot to do with the media: Dems believe the media and its fear porn, Republicans don’t.

Only 2.4% of Americans have been infected with the coronavirus. Only 0.6% of Americans have died of the virus, and that’s probably an inflated figure given comorbidities.

It’s not just that both sides have wildly different views about the virus, it’s that one side has a completely distorted view of how dangerous the virus truly is given its willingness to believe the media’s lies.

If you want to understand why America is so hopelessly divided, look no further than this chart. Half the country resides in an alternate reality, created by the media, where the coronavirus is going to kill us all, bloodthirsty White Supremacists are behind every corner and the President is a literal Nazi.

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