CNN Implies Gun Owners Should Not Be Allowed to be Judges

CNN knew exactly what they were doing with this headline, and they were called out accordingly:

The “but” is what gives it away. It indicates owning a gun is somehow a disqualifier for her to be a judge. As if non-gun owners are the only people who should be allowed to be judges in gun rights cases.

CNN’s use of the word “fairly” is of course totally misleading. What they really mean by “fairly” is “against gun owners.”

CNN of course would see no problem with a SCOTUS nominee not owning a gun, since that nominee would be more likely to rule against gun rights. Which is what the hopelessly biased Leftwing activists at CNN want. They have no interest at all in “fairness.”

Leftwing media outlets only care about potential bias when it’s not leftwing bias. They sound the alarm and flip their lids when there’s even a hint of bias going the other way. “She owns a gun! There’s no way she’s going to strike down the Second Amendment like we want her to!”

The only principle these people adhere to is winning. Every “rule” they try to impose in the name of “fairness” is simply an attempt to further tilt the playing field in their favor. They’re just so sneaky and underhanded and dishonest, and go to great lengths to try to disguise their political activism.

“Hey, we’re just trying to make sure she judges gun rights cases fairly!”

They really think nobody can see through their bullshit, don’t they?

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