Meanwhile, At the Dem Townhall Event, Joe Biden Said He Thinks 8 Year Olds Should Be Able to Transition Genders

The media freaked out over Trump’s refusal to condemn QAnon, but by far the most extreme and dangerous thing said between the two townhall events was what the Democratic Nominee Joe Biden said.

Get a load of this quote:

Interesting. In the 1950s, Joe Biden’s dad told him that #LoveIsLove and that it’s Okay To Be Gay, and that lesson really stuck with Joe Biden for his whole life.

Which is why he didn’t publicly support gay marriage until 2012.

But in the very next sentence, he said, “The idea that an 8-year-old child, 10-year-old child, decides, you know, ‘I want to be transgender, that’s what I think I’d like to be, it’d make my life a lot easier’– there should be zero discrimination.”

In other words: Go for it, kid.

Because 8-year-old kids have it all figured out, right? They would never make permanent decision they’d regret at the ripe old age of 8, right?

Because there’s no way 8-year-old kids wouldn’t be convinced to become trans solely due to the fact that our degenerate mainstream culture now glorifies and glamorizes transgenderism, right?

This is sick.

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