Anyone Who Uses the Term “New Normal” Should Be Sent Straight to Guantanamo Bay

No thank you:

It went from “15 days to slow the spread” to “Guess we’re just going to have wear masks and socially distance forever…”

Nope. Nope nope nope. Not happening.

I have had Covid. It’s the flu.

And yet people are treating it like it’s the black plague. People will literally walk into the street to get around you if you’re walking down the sidewalk without a mask on.

People are driving their cars by themselves with masks on.

We have to work out with masks on for Pete’s sake.

Do not let this insanity become the “new normal.” Anyone who says the Covid restrictions are the “new normal” needs to be shipped straight to Gitmo.

Do not let them “normalize” putting all of us under essentially permanent house arrest

Do not let the Maskcucks win.

I remember in the years after the 2008 Financial Collapse, all the “smart people” and “experts” told us we’d just have to get used to the “new normal” of an extremely weak economy, because hey, if Obama couldn’t fix the economy, then obviously it was an unfixable problem. “Guess we’re going to have learn to live in an economy without manufacturing.”

Except all those manufacturing jobs didn’t disappear; they were shipped overseas. And the ruling class lined its pockets massively because of it.

Anytime they start throwing around the term “New normal,” you can be almost certain that what’s really taking place is a massive transfer of wealth, power or both.

Do not let this Covid Insanity become “normal.”

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