🙄Hollywood Going All-Out For Biden

First up, the “Avengers” cast hosts a Biden fundraiser:

“ASSEMBLE! Unite for Democracy!”

C’mon everyone, we have to save Democracy from the evil fascist Donald Trump!

That’s why we have to commit mail-in ballot fraud on a mass scale–yes, I know it’s wrong, but it’s for a good cause!

The “Seinfeld” cast is trying to turn Texas blue:

And the “Happy Days” cast is trying to turn Wisconsin blue:

The mask is fully off. Celebrities are not the cool kids of American society, they’re teacher’s pets who suck up to the political establishment and do as they’re told. They are as far from “counterculture” as it gets.

“Hey kids, you know what’s really cool? Supporting Joe Biden!”

Between Harvey Weinstein exposing Hollywood as a filthy den of perverts and celebrities dutifully lining up to stump for a 78-year old barely-sentient swamp creature who embodies virtually everything wrong with the modern American political system, Hollywood has really had a fall from grace in recent years.

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