FBI Director Says Iran & Russia Are Trying to Interfere In the election–On Biden’s Behalf (?)

I’m trying to figure out the angle here. Is Wray trying to cover his ass and get on Trump’s good side after the news got out that the FBI sat on the Hunter Biden laptop all throughout the phony impeachment?

This means Biden has to be impeached, right? Because that’s how the media treated Trump when the Russians supposedly “interfered” on his behalf.

If Biden is elected (which I don’t think he will be, but still), then does he have to undergo three-plus years of non-stop media hyperventilating about how he’s in thrall to Iran? Will he be subject to endless investigations and have his whole life turned upside down, like what happened with Trump?

Does this come as a suprise to anyone, though? Iran obviously prefers Biden to Trump. Trump was the one who ripped up the Iran deal and imposed massive, crippling sanctions on Iran. Iran would love to see Biden in the White House.

On the other hand, from the very start of all the RUSSIAN COLLUSION! nonsense, the one thing that undermined it all was the lack of any evidence that Russia preferred Trump to Hillary in 2016. It has never made any sense that Russia would prefer the guy whose motto was “AMERICA FIRST” and was promising to turn America into the world’s biggest oil producer, a move that would directly harm the oil-dependent nation of Russia.

But with Biden, it’s obvious that the Iranians are pulling for him big-time.

So what were the Iranian emails? Apparently they pretended to be the Proud Boys:

The Daily Mail obtained one of the fake emails:

I am not sure, exactly, how this was meant to help Biden. Threatening people with violence if they don’t vote for Trump somehow helps Biden? I mean, I guess had the FBI not stepped in and publicly declared these emails to be fake and coming from Iran, this would have been a golden opportunity for the media to seize on them and scream “RIGHT WING EXTREMISM!” and blame Trump for it. I guess that’s how they would help Biden.

But the people that actually received the emails would not be more likely to vote Biden. I’m sure most people ignored the emails as spam, but no doubt there were some people that took them seriously and got scared. If anything, I could see the emails compelling a small number of Biden voters to stay home and not vote out of fear.

Just think of it logically: if you were trying to help Biden, then why would you send emails to his supporters threatening them with violence if they don’t vote for Trump?

The thing is, there have been almost identical letters sent to Trump supporters within the past few weeks. This image has been making the rounds online:

It’s basically the same exact thing, except for Trump supporters. I wonder why the FBI didn’t mention these.

And they also, as far as I can tell, didn’t reveal how many of those threatening emails have been sent out so far.

One of the dumbest terms to enter the American political discourse following the 2016 election–aside from “collusion”–was “election meddling.” For one, it assumes that a foreign nation can actually swing one of our elections. And second, it implies that 2016 was the first time it had ever happened in US history–which it was most certainly not.

Now, all the idiots who believe what they see on cable news are convinced that Russia has the power to choose the American President. The fact that people believe this “election meddling” lie has undermined the public’s confidence in the democratic process. No one has done more to damage the integrity of our elections than the unholy trinity of the media, Democratic politicians and deep staters that started the “election meddling” narrative.

Even NPR’s “FACT CHECK” had to admit that Russia’s so-called “election meddling” in 2016 amounted to little more than $160k spent on Facebook ads and making some posts on social media. NPR tried to hype it up by saying that “as many as 126 million people” may have seen the Russian-produced content–as if 99% of those 126 million people didn’t scroll right on by without a second thought.

But there was no meddling with voting machines or voter fraud. None. And even if they did, there’s no way they’d be able to do enough to offset all the vote fraud committed by the Democrats.

Final thought: the biggest thing to come from the FBI press conference is not what they said, but what they didn’t say:

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