It’s 2016 All Over Again

The media still has no idea what’s going on outside of NYC/DC, and they are going to be devastated once again on election night:

Does Ryan Lizza realize that it’s him and his cohorts–not Trump supporters living in flyover states–that exist in a “closed info bubble”?

We cannot escape the media. Every newspaper, every news channel outside of Fox News. Every late night talk show.

We can’t escape Hollywood and its increasingly aggressive leftwing messaging.

We can’t escape the education system.

We are forced to be exposed to leftwing messaging and outright propaganda every single day.

The fact that Ryan Lizza is even writing such a piece and making such a big deal out of venturing out into Trump Country shows just how insulated in the New York City/Washington D.C. bubble he is. To him and his ilk, it’s a noteworthy thing to actually venture out into flyover country. Something that must be documented and analyzed.

They have to go out of their way to be exposed to “the other side” of the political divide.

We do not. For the right, the only way to avoid the left is to move to a cabin out in Idaho without electricity. You basically have to go completely off the grid.

Liberal “journalists” have to tell themselves people only support Trump because they’re living in Trump’s “closed info loop,” aka they just don’t know any better.

Totally wrong, as usual. The polar opposite is true. In fact, tons of Trump supporters were redpilled into supporting him–in other words, they had some sort of epiphany and became Republicans after being leftists.

Furthermore, there are very few cases going the other way: where people get “un-redpilled” and go from supporting Trump to supporting the Democrats. That should tell you something.

It’s honestly pretty pathetic that these East Coast “Journalists” think everyone outside of their deep-blue, upscale urban enclaves lives in a bubble. In their view, places like the Upper East Side NYC and Arlington, Virginia accurately reflect the mood of the entire country.

The media is not going to know what hit them on election night. Again.

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  1. “Red pill” …always an ironic metaphor.

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