Liberal White Women Are Completely Out of Control

Chelsea Handler on 50 Cent voting for Trump: “I had to remind him he’s a black person so he can’t vote for Trump.”

She “had to remind him he’s black, so he can’t vote for Trump.”

She had to.

What an amazingly blunt thing to say.

Liberal white women have this insatiable need to boss people around. They think they Know Better than everyone else and are determined to save the poor, oppressed minorities–even from themselves, if need be.

Chelsea Handler has just revealed in no uncertain terms how white liberals view minorities: as dumb, sub-human creatures lacking agency and completely incapable of critical thought. Basically, pets.

“I had to remind him he’s black, so he can’t vote for Trump.”

Got that? If you’re black, you’re not allowed to vote for Trump.

Because liberal white women said so.

Isn’t that oppressive and racist?

No, because liberal white women are only doing it for your own good. So they’re allowed to patronize and really just be straight-up racist.

This is “liberal fascism” in a nutshell: they can do and say anything, because they’re on the Right Side of History. They’re the good guys.

I’m telling you, they’re no more than a few years away from saying, “We need to start rounding up Republicans and putting them in camps, because Republicans are Nazis.”

Honestly, depending on how this election goes, it might even be less than a few years from getting to that point.

This isn’t even comedy. She’s clearly just angry as hell and fully political. These celebrities have totally forgotten why they’re celebrities in the first place: because they used to entertain us.

Now they’re just angry liberals. That’s it.

So many celebrities have completely diminished their statures by revealing themselves to be no different than the random liberals you see on shrieking on social media.

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