Amy Coney-Barrett Confirmed to Supreme Court, Liberal Women “Literally Shaking”

It’s official:

She was confirmed in a ceremony at the White House tonight. She is officially a Supreme Court Justice.

Technically this makes it a 6-3 Republican majority, with only Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan being Democratic-appointed justices. But it’s really more like a 5-4 conservative majority given that Chief Justice Roberts is drifting further and further to the left in recent years.

We needed Barrett because we have essentially lost Roberts.

I was going to write about the libs’ predictable freakout over this, but in all honestly they haven’t been that bad. it’s mostly limited to social media. They’re not even rioting!

But also, I just don’t care what they say anymore. They don’t live in the real world. They are totally delusional and brainwashed. They have no grasp of reality.

What they say doesn’t matter.

They are shouting into the void.

We win. Barrett is on the court for life. Trump has now appointed three Supreme Court justices in just one term. Even if he loses next week, he has still left a lasting mark on the Supreme Court.

And there’s nothing the Democrats can do about it other than make empty threats to “expand the court.”

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  1. Roberts drift may well be a splinter rather than a plank.

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