Biden’s Lead in Florida Continues to Shrink

Yesterday I wrote about how Trump already has Florida in the bag because the early voting numbers that have come in for Biden thus far have not been anywhere near as strong as he needs them to be. Yesterday night at this time, Biden’s lead was around 204k.

24 hours later, it’s even lower–just 163k votes overall:

Again, this is in-person early votes + votes by mail.

Democrats are getting the vast majority of their votes this year early, and specifically by mail, while Trump will win election day by a significant margin.

Democrats are afraid of the virus and are all-in on mail-in voting. They are badgering their voters daily to vote early by mail. They don’t have much left coming in for them on election day.

A lead of 163k votes is not going to cut it. Trump will more than make that up on election day. Add on to this the fact that Biden’s lead shrank by about 40,000 votes in one day (about 20%!) and it’s pretty clear: Florida is in the bag for Team Trump.

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